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Belair Flower Box

Belair Flower Box

Belair Flower Box contains dried lavender, cotton, white pampas, and eucalyptus cinerea in this floral arrangement not only give it a nice-looking design but also a redolent presence.

These sizes include small, medium, large, and extra-large. Here, the number of items arranged into each box is decided based on the size.

Belair Flower Box is the unique flower gift with relaxing impact. Are you the kind of person who loves the scent and color of lavenders? Are you looking for a flower design, which includes more dried and fragrant arrangements? Well, if you are, Belair is the one for you.


Extra Large, Large, Medium, Small


Black, Blush, White

Belair Flower Box Suitable for:

This product is suitable nearly for any occasion. But since it contains lavenders among its other items, we think it would make the perfect pick for people, who are recovering at the hospital or just welcomed their newborn. Due to its relaxing effect, lavender can ease people’s pain and improve their health condition.

Whether you want to purchase bigger boxes or you are looking for different flower designs, which include both cakes and flowers, don’t forget that Grace has a load of options to choose from.

And the best part is you don’t have to pay a fee for the delivery of any of these items.

Belair Flower box

Belair Flower in white box

Belair Flower & More:

If you are thinking about getting other items next to Belair, we suggest you to have a look at the sweets and balloons options in our shop. The best part about picking out the balloons is that you can select them in a way to match the color of your box.

If you have any further questions regarding Grace and its services, don’t hesitate on giving us a call or contacting us via e-mail.




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