Best Gift Flower for Different Occasions

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Best gift flower is not that easy to find, given the wide variety of occasions that exist.

Who doesn’t love receiving flowers on different occasions? Especially if you are celebrating a grand achievement in your life. But what is the best gift flower to give someone you care about? In case this question has been boggling your mind in the recent while, don’t worry because we got your back. 

Choosing flowers depends on the preferences of the person to whom you are gifting them, but there are still some tricks to consider when selecting the type of flowers that go with each other. First, you can always start with one’s favorite flower and since every kind of flower has several colors it would be nice to know people’s favorite colors as well.

Now, without further ado, we will start by giving you a glimpse of the history of using flowers in the old times to this very moment and then we will offer you several suggestions to help you in choosing the best gift flower for different occasions.

Best Gift Flower
Best Gift Flower For any Occasion

Using Flowers From Ancient Time Till Today

In the old times, flowers were a symbol of untold affection and during the Victorian era, lavenders and red roses were used as an expression of love. Other colors of roses like white were a reference to peace and yellow was a sign of disloyalty. 

Other flowers each expressed a certain meaning according to the location and the common beliefs among people in a way that in China and India flowers were mainly treated as symbols of life, birth, and innocence. In contrast, the Romans used flowers to confess their feelings to others. 

Still, since some flowers have medicinal effects, expressing emotions and representing specific meanings are not the only uses for them and it is quite common to see flowers like chamomile and lavender used for relaxation.

Similarly, nowadays the use of flowers is not bound to one thing and they can be used for several reasons and many celebratory or non-celebratory events. 

What Are The Best Gift Flowers For Every Occasion?

Are you constantly confused about choosing the best gift flower for birthdays? How about weddings or visiting a loved one during their hospital stay? Do you think you are not good at picking flowers for each occasion? It is ok to be lost in these kinds of situations because this is the reason why we have prepared this article! 

Still, there are a few points for you to consider when buying the best gift flower so always remember to go through each of them before choosing the right bouquet,

  1. Make sure the flowers don’t attract any kind of pests, especially bees
  2. Know about any possible flower allergies people have to avoid causing them an allergic reaction
  3. And never forget to consider your budget

Once you have checked all the three points mentioned above, you are ready for your next big step, which is choosing the best gift flower according to the occasion. 

1. Birthdays

When it comes to birthdays, roses are the first choice to consider and you can always go for the color red unless you feel it is too much then pink or white would be great options. Other flowers, which can be gifted on one’s birthday, are orchids, carnations, lilies, and sunflowers.

If you are going for expensive flowers to impress a person on their birthday, orchids are the ones for you, but if you want to reflect positivity and happiness through your flowers, buy a bouquet of carnations. 

Lilies can symbolize love and admiration so they will make the best gift flower for your loved ones and as for sunflowers, they can brighten up the mood of the person who is receiving them. In addition to the flowers, you can add a birthday note and a gift, which you could choose based on their Amazon wish list. 

2. Weddings

Roses are among the most popular flower choices for weddings, but you can always go for other options. The most important point in choosing flowers for weddings is that you need to go with the theme. This will help you to select the flowers according to an arranged color scheme.   

If you care about the cost of the flowers, choose them according to the season. For instance, roses are cheaper during summer, but if you are having a spring wedding you will have more options to choose from including tulips.

During summer, you can go for sunflowers, lilies, and daisies. And as for the winter orchids as well as colorful poinsettias could be a great choice.

3. Visiting Loved Ones

If you are visiting a loved one in the hospital try to avoid flowers with sharp scents and go for the ones with a more relaxing fragrance. Lavender, Jasmine, and Gardenia are some of the top choices to have a relaxing effect on the person, which makes them the best gift flower

These three flowers can improve the quality of one’s sleep especially if they are having trouble going to bed during their hospital stay due to the constant noises around them. When choosing the flowers according to their scent make sure you look for the ones which are said to speed up one’s road to recovery. 

4. Anniversaries

For anniversaries, the color of flowers should be either red or pink to indicate how much you love your partner. And since as a loving husband or wife you are obligated to know the favorite flower of your other half, it would be nice to start by picking something they love. 

Best Floral gift for anniversaries
Small gift or present in natural paper with small heart and roses, love or valentine’s day concept

Once you have picked the best gift flower you can decide to add a cake and maybe light a few candles to give a romantic vibe to your home. But if you are going for something bigger, think of planning a trip for just the two of you, where you can celebrate your love away from any distractions.

5. Mother’s Day

Carnations, roses, lilies, orchids, and tulips are all some of the best gift flower choices for celebrating mother’s day, but if you think your mother would be impressed by other flowers don’t hesitate to get her what she’d like the most. These flowers can be accompanied by a little note or a nice hand-written poem of your choice.

As for gifts, accessories such as bags, shoes, or pieces of jewelry will always make a woman happy, but if your mom is hoping for other stuff, don’t miss out on the chance of checking her wish list every once in a while. Baking a cake or ordering one would also be a good idea to make this day even more special for your mom.

6. Father’s Day

If you think men don’t like receiving flowers for father’s day, you need to stop right there and remind yourself that everyone wants to feel appreciated, and who deserves it more than our parents? To choose the best gift flower for father’s day, start by asking your dad about his favorite flower and see if you can find something in pink, white, or red.

For the gifts, you can make an album of your pictures, add a few sentences on a card, or order a customized mug with a note that says something like, “World’s Best Dad”.  If you are going for more expensive gifts a watch or sunglasses could also do the trick.

7. Funerals

Flowers can also be used to express condolences and many would choose to buy flower wreaths when sympathizing with an acquaintance on their loss. For similar occasions make sure you choose flowers that have a long texture and mild colors to help ease the people’s pain.

The scent also plays an important role in selecting the best gift flower for mourning and you’d certainly want to go for a flower with a soothing fragrance. The most important part about funeral flowers is the note that you will put beside the wreath. This note needs to be written in a way that it would make the person more relaxed by letting them know that you are present for them. 

8. Valentine’s Day

Since red is a sign of love and adoration, choosing red roses for Valentine’s Day or romantic dates seems the best option for anyone, who wants to select the best gift flower for their partner. But that’s not all and if you are considering accompanying the roses with other gifts a box of chocolate and a piece of jewelry especially for women could do the trick.

As for your other plans for the day, you could reserve a table at your favorite restaurant or play video games if you are both into such activities. Just make sure that both of you have fun while celebrating similar occasions. 

Flower Gift for Valentine's Day. Grace shop
Happy Valentine day composition on white wooden table

9. Giving Birth 

If one of your friends has recently given birth and you want to surprise them with the best gift flower, remember to always go for their favorites, because the newborn may not remember the flower you have given their mother on their birth but their parents will surely keep that in mind.

If you are going to choose the flowers based on the baby’s gender, blue and pink are great. Furthermore, you can add a couple of balloons that say “it’s a boy” or “it’s a girl”. You can also prepare a gift basket to go with the flowers and fill it with every necessity that a newborn might need during their first weeks. 

10. Graduation

Since roses are the first choice on almost every occasion, they would also fit a graduation party. If you don’t want to be like the rest of the people by buying roses, choose sunflowers or a combination of the person’s favorite flowers to make them a wreath. 

The chosen wreath should be in a moderate size for them to wear around their necks. You can also buy a graduation gift besides flowers including books, accessories, albums, or anything that would be a celebration of their academic years and success. Sweets like chocolates and cake would also be a nice addition to this special occasion.

How Do You Pick A Good Bouquet?

Do you want to know more about picking the right flowers for different occasions? Are you still doubting your choices and you think you are not the person to choose the best gift flower? Well, there is nothing wrong with that because this is why you have florists to help you.

Their experience in choosing the right color combinations and knowing the right flowers for each season will help you know what’s best for your friend, partner, parent, or whoever will be receiving those flowers. 

For those of you, who live in the United Arab Emirates and are looking for free flower delivery services, Grace.ae provides you with all the needed help and more. What distinguishes us from others is that flowers are not the only things we sell and candles, scents, accessories, cakes, and chocolates are also a part of what we offer to our loving customers.   If you are looking for further information about selecting the best gift flower, you can always contact us through a phone call, at +971 4 576 6398, or get in touch with us via email, at info@grace.ae.

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