Birthday Flower

Birthday Flower

Birthday flower in variety of sizes and designs available Now! Are you residing in the Middle East and looking for a specific birthday bouquet? If you are considering birthday flowers Dubai and wish to find a brand that offers flowers and any party-related items, you’ll surely love to get to know Grace. The flowers for birthday by Grace come in a variety of colors and designs and all you have to do is pick your favorite and let us do the rest!

For birthday roses and a birthday bouquet, you can go to our shop and take a look around the available flower boxes, flower bouquets, and gift boxes but if you think you need some help with this matter, this article is the one for you.

Here, we’ll tell all about every possible birthday flower gifted at similar events and what each of them symbolizes to the person. To know more about flowers, keep scrolling and enjoy the list of flowers for birthdays below.

Flowers for Birthday
Gifting Flowers on Birthdays

Birthday flowers and Variety of Types

Want to know birthday flower and the message it carries within more? Then, below, you’ll find several flowers for birthdays and their meaning.


The best way to say “I love you” to someone close to you would be by giving them red roses. But if your bond is more like the work type of relationship, a set of birthday roses with lighter colors would seem like a better choice.  

Roses can be found in pink, white, cappuccino, yellow, brown, peach, and plenty of other colors. Pink, peach, and white could represent a pure kind of love while yellow, brown, and cappuccino are symbols of a unique and rare kind of affection and respect.  The latter colors would be great for your co-workers’ birthday.

Birthday roses designed by Grace
Fresh Pink Birthday Roses


For people with a minimalistic spirit, a bouquet of daisies would be the perfect birthday flower. By choosing daisies, you will get a load of colorful options and you can either go for one color or have several shades arranged into one bouquet.

The wilderness of daisies makes them a suitable gift for free souls that love to take risks and see the lesson in each opportunity. So, if you want to get flowers for the birthday of someone with an adventurous character, don’t forget about daisies.   


Due to its fragrant nature, freesia could work perfectly as a birthday flower. The tiny petals of this flower on the stem make it a great choice for colorful floral arrangements and if you are thinking about getting more than one flower in your bouquet you should definitely consider freesia.

The thing about freesia is that they can take a few months before they start to bloom, so, if you’re thinking about surprising your family and friends with these flowers for a birthday, you need to plan ahead and talk to one or two florists before making a final decision on getting those flowers or not.


The round and pointy edges of the carnation give it a unique look, which adds beauty to its paper-like texture. What makes this flower so beautiful is that you could have a bunch of its colors arranged into one bouquet and let the person receiving them enjoy their combination.

Carnations are also known for their good smell so if you care about the fragrance of your bouquet besides its look, this one flower is a must. As a symbol of love and distinctiveness, carnations would make quite the unusual yet alluring choice.


Lilies are a symbol of purity and innocence and if you are thinking about getting them for someone’s birthday, it would be nice to get a bouquet of these flowers for the birth of newborns. Because nothing can represent the beauty of welcoming a little bundle of joy into the world as a birthday bouquet of lilies.

This birthday flower is great for people, who are into big flowers and want to see more than just tiny petals spreading across their bouquets, not to mention the beautiful freckles that can be found on some of them.


The delicacy of orchids is fit for individuals, who have a pure and innocent souls. This flower is the definition of long-lasting love which once, it is taken care of it can bloom into a beautiful and eye-pleasing plant.

However, just like love, this birthday flower needs great care and attention and if it’s neglected it can start withering and lose its ability to bloom. So, make sure you get this flower for someone, who is good at gardening and pays a great deal of attention to his/her plants.


The yellow color in sunflowers gives them the look that fits people with a lively spirit. These gorgeous flowers resemble a fresh start and thanks to their vibrant color, they resonate with warmth and coziness that not many flowers could express.  

What’s so great about sunflowers is that they can be dried out and put in a vase to add some color to one corner of your house. Or, you could end up letting it dry and using its seeds for different purposes.


If you are looking for a large bouquet with tiny flowers, hydrangeas are the ones for you. The light color of these flowers and their somehow crowded look gives a bouquet a puffy texture without you having to buy too many stems.

You can pick out hydrangeas in one color but if you are thinking of more than one shade, we suggest you ask the florist for the pink and light blue mixture. Selecting this combination gives a soothing look to the birthday bouquet.


The tulips are a symbol of profound love and they are a reminder of Holland and its beautiful tulip fields. These flowers are great for surprising your friends and family on their birthdays. And if you care about expressing your emotions through flowers, the red color with some stripes of yellow or white would make it look extra rare.

You could also ask for a combination of red and white tulips in your birthday bouquet to express purity through white and resonate love through the red color.

Orange tulips for birthday
A Bouquet of Orange Tulips


The many petals of peonies give it a rich look, which is said to represent wealth and happiness. So, if you are planning on wishing a very happy birthday to someone in your life and want them to have a great year, a bouquet of peonies would probably be the choice to bring them the right choice to bring them good luck in the year ahead.

This birthday flower can be a bit pricy but once, you see the smile on a person’s face after receiving these flowers, none of that would matter anymore.

Send Astonishing Birthday Flowers by Grace

For astonishing floral choices on birthdays, Grace offers several mesmerizing options. So, if you are thinking about getting flower boxes, we have different colors of roses, hydrangeas, and lilies but for more colorful options you could take a look at Soho, Santa Monica, Piccadilly, Belair, Bateen, Brooklyn, Covent Garden, Jumeirah, or Manhattan.

These flowers can also be ordered in the form of bouquets or a vase. And if you are hoping to add some pastries to your order you can purchase the flower and cake choice.

Furthermore, you are free to get one of our gift boxes, which not only include different types of presents but also have an arrangement of charming flowers added to your order. To see all of these options go to our shop and pick out the choice that you like the most.

And if you need more help, you can always get in touch with us!

What to Add to Your Birthday Flower

Picking the right birthday flower can be a bit challenging for some of us but if you are looking for birthday flowers Dubai, we think that you’d instantly fall in love with the flowers for birthday found on Grace’s website.

And to make your celebration more memorable, we have just the thing to perfect your plan to surprise your people.

For one, don’t forget about the balloons! Adding these accessories to your birthday flower will give your gift a more cheerful look.

Next, you have to include chocolates or a cake in your order, because you wouldn’t call it a birthday without sweets!

Never miss out on the chance of adding a gift to your birthday flower, especially, if you are getting it for a very special someone in your life. To make it easy for you, we have a collection of gift boxes that were designed in collaboration with several luxurious brands.

Some of these gift boxes contain pieces of jewelry, others have skin care products, treats, herbal teas, and things like aromatic candles. So, when it comes to the available choices on our website, the sky is the limit!

And on top of all of that, we let you choose the timing and date of your delivery without you having to pay the delivery fee because guess what? We have a free delivery service!

Also, we’ll add a greeting card to your birthday flower according to your request.

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