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Caroline Svedbom Jewelry Hamper 3

Caroline Svedbom Jewelry Hamper 3

Caroline Svedbom Jewelry Hamper 3 includes the Isa bracelet and a pair of earrings that match the design of the former piece.

If you are looking for a floral arrangement that includes pieces of jewelry, Caroline Svedbom 3 could make a great gift for your loved ones.

Items in Jewelry Hamper 3:

  • Isa Bracelet (Swarovski Crystals One Size/Adjustable)
  • Mini Drop Earrings (Swarovski Crystals 10 mm x 12 mm)

Black, Blush, White

To Whom You Should Gift Caroline Svedbom 3?

Considering that Caroline Svedbom 3 includes crystal studded jewelry pieces that can be ordered with three different floral designs, it would be a great surprise for women. If you care about getting expensive-looking gifts for the women in your life, don’t miss out on the chance of taking a look at this gift basket.

Caroline Svedbom Jewelry Hamper 3

Caroline Svedbom Jewelry Gift Set 3 | Grace

Other Gift Baskets Similar To Caroline Svedbom 3

With each gift basket under the name of Caroline Svedbom comes a different piece of jewelry. Therefore, if you think Caroline Svedbom 3 is not the one for you, you should definitely consider other options which include Caroline Svedbom 1, Caroline Svedbom 2, and Caroline Svedbom 4.

Flowers In Caroline Svedbom 3

If you care about the look and arrangement of your flowers, have no worries because Grace made sure to give you three options when it comes to choosing your flower box. The flowers in these designs vary according to the color of the box.


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