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Caroline Svedbom Jewelry Hamper 4

Caroline Svedbom Jewelry Hamper 4

Caroline Svedbom Jewelry Hamper 4 includes the Mini Drop bracelet and a pair of Mini Drop earrings that are decorated with mesmerizing pieces of pink crystal.

If you still haven’t found the right gift for your loved ones, look no further because Caroline Svedbom 4 could be the one you’ve been searching for all along.

Items in Jewelry Hamper 4:

  • Mini Drop Bracelet (Swarovski Crystals One Size/Adjustable)
  • Mini Drop Earrings (Swarovski Crystals 27 mm x 10 mm)

Black, Blush, White

To Whom You Should Gift Caroline Svedbom 4?

It is obvious that the jewelry pieces in Caroline Svedbom 4 makes it the best fit for women. If your mom or a female loved one of yours is celebrating her birthday soon, don’t forget to consider this gift basket. You can also order this gift for mother’s day or Valentine’s day.

Caroline Svedbom Jewelry Hamper 4

Caroline Svedbom Jewelry Gift Set 4

Other Gift Baskets Similar To Caroline Svedbom 4

In collaboration with Caroline Svedbom, Grace has prepared three other gift baskets similar to Caroline Svedbom 4. These include Caroline Svedbom 1, Caroline Svedbom 2, and Caroline Svedbom 3.

Flowers In Caroline Svedbom 4

The flowers that accompany this order come in boxes of three different colors. By choosing each color you have the chance to order a different type of floral arrangement.


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