White Roses in Vase

White Roses in Vase

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White Roses Vase

Adorn your space with the timeless beauty of white roses, elegantly arranged in a vase, radiating purity and serenity with every delicate bloom.

Vase Size and Number of Stems

Medium – 20 Stems
Large – 35 Stems (Above Image)
Extra Large – 55 Stems

White Roses Vase and More

It is a great choice for birthdays, anniversaries, and graduations besides many other events. The beauty of this bouquet lies in the fact that you can even gift it to yourself, when you feel like you need some cheering up!

You can also have this bouquet accompanied by cakes and balloons, especially, if you are in the party mood to celebrate a big event. To see these options, take a look at the available items in our online shop. Our other floral designs can be found in the form of box arrangements, which either include solely the flowers or they have both the cake and the flowers put into one box.

Similar to this bouquet, we have Red Roses Vase, Pink Roses vase, and Berlin. But for more colorful options, you can take a look at Los Angeles, New York, Piccadilly, or Paris.

Notes on White Rose Vase:

As a team, the mission of Grace is to help you all find the necessary items for a celebration in once place, but our main purpose is to aid you in picking the right choice. That is why we would be happy to take your calls regarding any of our services or answer your questions via e-mail.


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