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Covent Garden Flower Box

Covent Garden Flower Box

Covent Garden Flower Box, as its name reveals, gives you the sense of looking at a beautiful garden filled with a mix of diverse plants and flowers.

Covent Garden Box of flower is the combination of white roses, white hydrangea, purple lisianthus, white lisianthus, white limonium, and eucalyptus cinerea. This combination not only makes it look pleasing to the eye but also give it a mixture of nice scents all at once. As if you’re gifting a tiny garden to another person.

To have an easier time picking out the flowers you want, we offer four different box sizes for you to choose from. And if you care about the color of your box you can select blush, black, or white.


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Extra Large, Large, Medium, Small


Black, Blush, White

Covet Garden Box of Flower is suitable for:

If you are thinking about visiting a person for their birthday, meeting up with them after a long while, or even surprising them on a very special occasion, Covent Garden Flower Box would be the perfect pick. This edgy, sophisticated bouquet should be gifted to very special people.

Covent Garden Flower Box

Covent Garden Flower in White Box

Know More about Covent Garden Flower:

According to the size of the box, you can also decide the number of stems to be included in the flower arrangement. In other words, the bigger the box the more flowers will be added to the flower design.

Furthermore, if you are thinking about getting a cake or balloons to go with the Covent Garden, we suggest you to look at the other items in our shop.

If you think you still have some unanswered questions regarding our services in the United Arab Emirates, don’t hesitate to give us a call or contact us via e-mail, because we believe offering the best services to our customers is a part of what we do.




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