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Flower gift box

Flower gift box can be an amazing gift if selected wisely! Do you ever start looking around for the perfect bouquet but don’t know where to start? If you are planning on getting a floral gift box, we’re here to help you out. For people residing in Dubai, grace.ae offers a variety of gifts and flowers, which can be given to your loved ones.

If you’re considering making an online purchase and having the gifts delivered to the address of your choice, all you have to do is go to Grace’s website and pick out your preferred gift. The flower gift box can be accompanied by sweets and other available items in our shop according to your choice.

Are you still having doubts about whether you should let Grace prepare the beautiful surprise you have in your mind? Well, if you do, we think the moment you get to know us more, you’ll be certain that you made the right choice for putting your trust in Grace.

To know more about Grace and its services, keep on reading!

flower gift box
Festive gift box and bright flowers. Amazing gift combination.

Enchant by the Beauty of Flower Gift Box in Dubai!

Grace.ae is a brand name based in Dubai that offers a variety of options for celebratory occasions. So, if you are thinking about surprising a friend, colleague, or one of your family members, you’d definitely love to check out Grace’s website.

When shopping for flowers, you can go for the flower box, which comes in diverse arrangements. This also includes the color of the box, which you can pick according to the event. If you are into other designs, you could consider buying a flower bouquet. But these are only a part of the things found in Grace’s shop.

The different types of flower gift boxes in Grace give you the freedom to select any flower, cake, chocolate, balloon, or even scented stick to match your main choice. The flower arrangements available on our website come in different shapes and sizes and the best way for you to know more about these floral designs would be to keep scrolling!

Amazing gift of flower box by Grace UAE
A bunch of red roses and a gift to win loved one’s heart.

Variety of Flowers and Gifts in Grace

By going to the “shop now” section on Grace.ae you will come across a load of options. For the floral arrangements, you have the flower box, flower bouquet, vase flowers, and flower and cake options.

The flower boxes can be found in a variety of colors and they are perfect for people, who are looking for either monochromatic designs or a range of diverse colors. On the other hand, the flower bouquets have more of an extra look in comparison to the flower box and if you are thinking about gifting a big design to your friends and family this would be the one for you.

As for flower vases they come in extra and extra-large sizes. And with the flower and cake box, you’ll be getting two options in one beautifully designed transparent box.

Other available items include accessories, sweets, cakes, and a flower gift box. In the accessories section, you can purchase things such as balloons and scented sticks. For sweets you have truffles and when it comes to cakes you’ll have the choice to pick out any chocolate-filled option you like.

With the flower gift box, you’ll notice several options designed in collaboration with different brands. For further information about each of these items, continue reading!

Flower Box

The flower box is made for the special people in your life. This option is perfect for visiting people at the hospital or paying your condolences to a friend or co-worker. For funerals, you can purchase this floral arrangement in the black box but for more joyous events you can go for white or pink.

If you are thinking about flowers of one color, you’ll surely love the box of lilies or hydrangeas. But if you want to give your box a more romantic look, you can take a look at the boxes of roses. For more colorful options you can check out Piccadilly, which is one of the many floral designs found in our shop. All the flowers are available in box sizes of small, medium, large, and extra-large.

Are you looking for other floral arrangements? Do you think you’re the type of flower bouquet person? If you are, you’ll love the next section, which is about our flower bouquets. With the flower bouquet, you’ll get the chance to go for the bigger designs.  

Flower Bouquet

The flower bouquet comes in different designs and arrangements. For monochromatic flowers, we have the white hydrangea, white roses, yellow roses, red roses, pink roses, blue hydrangea, lily white, lily pink, and pink hydrangea. 

But for more diverse designs you can have a look at Brooklyn, Covent Garden, Jumeirah, Los Angeles, Mayfair, peach roses, New York, Piccadilly, Santa Monica, and Soho.

The colorful bouquets make a great choice for birthdays and graduation parties, but if the person receiving the gift is into minimalist designs, it is best to consider bouquets of one color. All these flowers can be ordered in black, blush, or white wrapping paper.

Collaboration Gift Hampers

Are you planning on getting both flowers and gifts in one box? If you are, we suggest the flower gift box under the name collaboration Hampers.  This collection of gift boxes is great for any occasion and you can choose each one based on your purpose of purchasing the gift.

For surprising the women in your life, you can get one of the Caroline Svedbom gift boxes, which contain pieces of jewelry. For tea options, you have the freedom to choose either the Avancha or the Feel Good Tea gift box.

For a flower gift box with chocolates and sweets, you have Mirzam, Not Just Dessert Treats, and Godiva. If you are thinking about visiting a friend for no reason any of these options would make a great gift. You can also purchase one of these gift boxes to give them at housewarming parties.

Another flower gift box is made in collaboration with Light of Sakina. The candles in these boxes are perfect for relaxation and a day of pampering.  If you have self-care on your mind, Rituals and Lootah gift boxes are also great. The two latter boxes contain perfumes and skin-care products for those, who care about their beauty.

FAQs with Grace.ae

Here, we have prepared some of the most common questions asked by our customers.

How to Make A Purchase On Grace.ae

To make an online purchase, you can go to the Grace website. Next, you are free to go to the “Shop Now” option and see all the available items. Among the floral arrangements, you will find flower bouquets, flower boxes, and flower vases. 

But if you are looking for other items to go with your flowers, you can see the flower and cake options. For birthdays and baby showers or any similar events, you should take a look at the accessories section, where you can buy balloons and scented sticks.

For solo options of sweets, you can look for a chocolate box or cake. And for a flower gift box, we have the collaboration hampers option, which offers a number of gifting choices to our customers.

How is My Purchase Delivered?

Your flower gift box or any other purchase will be delivered free of charge. This way you don’t have to worry about making an extra payment for the delivery fee.

The great thing about buying a flower gift box from Grace is that you can choose the timing of your delivery. So, if you want to send your gift in the morning, noon, afternoon, or evening, you have nothing to worry about, because we’ll take care of all of this.

Besides all of these options, we also give you the choice to pick out your own greeting card message to be written on the gift.

How to Get In Touch With Grace

By going to the Grace website, you can visit the “Contact” section to ask about your order or find the answers to your questions. To get in touch with us, you have the option of e-mailing us or giving us a call by dialing our number, which is +971 4 576 6398.

If you are worried about the timing of your delivery or you are starting to worry about other things regarding your flower gift box, all you have to do is provide us with your order number and let us take care of the rest.

As a team of gift providers, we believe it is our mission to offer the best options to our customers and we think it is our duty to satisfy both our buyers and gift receivers with some of the most unique gifts.

To know more about who we are and what we do you can always take a look at our website and see what flower gift box suits you the best. Because when it comes to finding your people the right gift, we do whatever it takes to make you happy!

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