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Fresh flowers express what many things fail to express and that is emotion! Nothing can beat the smell and color of flowers on a special occasion, can it? Many of us believe that adding a bouquet of freshly cut flowers to our gift adds a nice touch to the gifting process and with fresh flowers, it feels as if you are bringing the gift to life.

Fresh flowers could work as an expression of your love and affection toward the person, which is something that a non-living object cannot express. To help you out with picking out the right bouquet and the reason why you should go for fresh plants instead of dead ones, we have prepared a full guide on getting the right floral arrangement.

Furthermore, we’ll tell you about where you can purchase some of the best bouquets, how to make them last longer, and if you have any other questions, we got a list of FAQs to give an end to your worries.

fresh flowers
Florist holding a bright bouquet

Why Gift Fresh Flowers?

As a way to confess love and appreciation, flowers change anyone’s mood for the better and their ability to soothe a person and release their tension with their fragrance is enough reason to drop everything right this second and go to the nearest flower shop to buy a bouquet.

When it comes to buying a set of fresh flowers, don’t be afraid of the reaction that you might get in return for your gift because whether you are getting a bouquet for the men in your life or you are just surprising the women around you, you’ll very likely come across smiley faces.

Want to know when and where to buy flowers for your loved ones? If you have no idea what’s the best occasion for surprising your friends, family, and co-workers with fresh flowers, below, we have a number of suggestions for you to consider!

Fresh Flowers Are Suitable Gifts for…

You don’t always have to have a reason for getting fresh flowers for your family and friends, but if you are thinking about certain occasions, here, you will find some of the best flower gifting ideas.

No woman would say no to a bouquet of flowers, especially, if it’s for mother’s day, an anniversary, or their birthday. But the trick is to have a unique gift next to the bouquet just to make the whole thing extra special. This gift could be a piece of jewelry, boxes of chocolate, a cake in their favorite flavor, or something from their wish list.

to gift flowers as fresh as first day
Amazing pink shade roses in a box

The same thing goes for men; whose birthday is just around the corner. You can also surprise your father with a bouquet on father’s day or even valentine’s day if you are against the usual clichés and think men deserve to be appreciated too. You’d be surprised by the reaction of men getting flowers and how happy they will be for getting a similar gift.

Special occasions such as graduations, housewarming parties, and promotions also deserve to be made special with certain gifts, and what’s better than flowers? For hospital visits, welcoming people at the airport, celebrating your co-workers’ achievements at the office, baby showers, and wedding showers, you should also consider getting flowers.

Place an Order For Fresh Flowers Online

One of the best fresh flowers providers in the U.A.E is Grace.ae. The variety of floral options on Grace’s website gives you the option to go for a diverse set of choices. With Grace, you could get bouquets, flower vases, and flower boxes.

Each of these options comes in different designs and colors, which can be chosen according to the occasion. And if you are hoping to add more than just flowers to your shopping cart you could check out the sweets, accessories, and cakes.

But if you want to make one purchase with all the necessary items in one box, you can take a look at the flower gift boxes, which contain different gifting options. These gift sets were prepared in collaboration with several luxurious brands and could be gifted on diverse occasions.

For scented options, we have Lootah and Rituals. For pieces of jewelry, the Caroline Svedbom gift boxes are great. And if you want to add sweets and treats to your order, we have Mirzam, Not Just Dessert, and Godiva.

These are only a part of the gift boxes found in our shop and you can find more available options in the “Shop Now” section on the website.    

How Long Fresh Flowers Last

Depending on the method you use for keeping your flowers fresh, you can add to the life of your plants. But if you are considering buying flowers, which last long, we suggest you consider the ones below.

Chrysanthemums and carnations are some of the flowers that last nearly up to one month. As for lilies, they have the longevity of one week, but with great care, any type of flower could last longer. Therefore, if you are looking for some ways to extend the life of your flowers, we have several options for you to try out.

One method is pressing. For this technique, you can place the flowers between two bricks and a piece of cloth to avoid getting them crushed. Once, the flowers are completely dry, you are ready to use them for different purposes such as crafts, decorating your cakes, and placing them in frames.

Another method is adding sugar to their water. Some believe sugar makes fresh flowers last longer. However, that’s not the only technique, and fixing the flower petals with hair spray can also work in some cases.

Grace Florist assorting fresh bouquets
Florist stemming just-picked flowers

If none of the mentioned techniques works out for you, try putting your bouquet in the refrigerator and see how it maintains its colors after a while. Using the microwave for drying the flowers also quickens the process if you are in a hurry.

But for the easiest method, you can always depend on books, especially the ones with hard covers, to place your flower petals among their pages. Or hang your bouquet in an upside-down position to let it dry.

FAQs Related To Fresh Flowers

Below, you will find the answers to some of the most frequently asked questions by the fans of fresh flowers. If you are one of them, then you came to the right place!

How Can You Maintain The Quality Of Fresh Flowers?

To maintain the quality of your flowers, consider keeping them away from direct sunlight and avoid leaving them in a dirty vase. The best way for keeping them fresh would be to trim their stem every once in a while and change their water.

As you keep the flowers in a vase, constantly check them for any mold, because once they start getting mold it is better to throw them away to avoid the spread of their unpleasant smell in your house.   

How Long Do Fresh Flowers Stay Fresh?

Depending on the flower’s longevity, it can last from one week up to two weeks. Still, this mostly relies on the way you take care of the flower. The more attention you pay to your bouquet, the longer it will last. You can also use some of our previous suggestions to add to the life of your fresh flowers.

What Temperature Should Flowers Be Stored At?

The perfect temperature for freshly cut flowers would be 33-35 Fahrenheit but for tropical flowers, it is better to go for higher temperatures. If you are planning on leaving your fresh flowers in cold weather, make sure that it’s not too freezing that your flowers end up withering.

About Grace.ae And Its Gifting Services

Grace.ae is a flower and gift delivery service in Dubai that aims to provide its customers with the best gifting options for different events. The items included in Grace’s shop range from simple things such as balloons and scented sticks to bigger and more expensive things like jewelry.

With the free delivery service offered by Grace, you have to chance to cut on your expenses by benefiting from this option and the best part is that you can have your order delivered to anywhere you like.

By adding the order to your shopping cart and proceeding to the payment section, you will be given the option to select the time at which you wish to have your purchase delivered. This time could be in the morning, noon, afternoon, or evening.

Furthermore, you can add a note to the greeting card, which will be attached to your gift. Still, not sure about the floral and gift choices on our website? Well, it’s alright because we’d be more than happy to take your calls at +971 4 576 6398 or receive your e-mails.

To track your orders, you can go to the “Contact Us” part on the website and let us reach out to you after placing your order number, or go to the “Order Tracking” section and see how your order process is going.

For further information about fresh flowers, you can always take a look at the current article!

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