Fresh Roses 

fresh roses

Fresh Roses have always been favorable worldwide. Are you also a fan of them? Do you want to know how you can make your flowers last longer than they usually do? If you do, keep on reading because we have just prepared you a list of 5 ways you can use to preserve your fresh flowers.  

In the list you will learn how to,

  1. Air Dry 
  2. Press
  3. Use desiccant
  4. Bake 
  5. And use glycerin

To add more time to the life of your fresh roses. If you are into keeping dry flowers around your house or you like to hold on to your bouquets due to the sentimental value they have in your life, this list would be the perfect solution for you. 

Fresh roses
Fabulous Bouquet of red fresh roses

For further information about how you can use the mentioned ways to preserve your flowers, we suggest you follow the instructions in the upcoming paragraphs, which will explain each way to you in a precise and thorough manner.  Later, we will tell you about how you can keep your flowers fresh for as long as you can.     

5 Easy Ways To Preserve Cute Fresh Cut Roses

We all have at least once received a bouquet or a flower stem in our lives, which we really wanted to keep but didn’t know how. These flowers usually come from people, who we really adore and respect, and since we love those individuals it would be really hard for us to throw away their gifts once they start withering. 

Therefore, we try our best to keep those flowers around for as long as we can. To help you out with this concern, we made a list on how to make your fresh roses live longer than they usually do. If you want to know about these simple but effective tricks, get ready because we’re about to dive in and make you get to work!   

Our list of 5 ways for preserving flowers includes both easy and somewhat difficult techniques, which you can use according to your preferences and free time. The more time you invest in this process the better results you will get!

Below, you will find the explanation for each method, which requires a little effort from you to make the flower preserving journey worth the try. To know more, keep scrolling!

1. Air Dry

As its name reveals, the air dry method is about leaving your fresh roses in the open air and letting them dry. Even though this method seems simple at the first glance you still have a few points to remember before trying the technique. 

Whether it is a bouquet of fresh roses or one stem, make sure you hang the flowers upside down in a way that the flower petals are face down and the stems stand upward toward the ceiling. You can use a rope for this method and pin the flowers into the rope using a clothespin.

Another point to consider when air drying your flowers is that you need to check the petals for any possible mold because you surely wouldn’t want to deal with a bouquet that is starting to get rotten and may end up releasing unpleasant scent. 

To Preserve Roses by drying them
To Air Dry Fresh Roses

2. Press

For pressing fresh roses, you will need one or two heavy objects to extract the moisture from your flowers. Here, bricks would probably be the best suggestion. To make sure that your flowers are not ruined during this process, you can put the roses in a sterilized cloth and then place one brick under and one brick over the flowers.  

Since the flowers included in the pressing process will have a flat look, you can put them in a glass frame and use them as decorative objects. But if you have other plans for the flowers, we suggest you make use of the pressed flowers by saving them for handy projects such as greeting cards.  

These flowers would also make great additions to crafts, which are made with resin. Furthermore, you can use them for decorating your homemade cakes, candles, soaps, or save them for creating sachets and any artwork that requires pressed flowers.    

3. The Desiccant Technique  

If you are looking for a method that helps you maintain the color of your flowers, we think the desiccant technique would be the perfect method for you. However, you still need to consider the fact that using this method would mean that you will have to wait for a couple of weeks before getting the desired result.

So, if you don’t mind waiting for a while, the desiccant method would be a great choice. The most common desiccant used for preserving flowers is silica gel. For this technique, you will need a plastic dish preferably with a lid, gloves, mask, and a brush. It is very important to use a mask and a pair of gloves, when working with silica gel, to avoid inhaling toxic chemicals. 

First, you will need to start by putting the flowers in the dish then pouring the silica gel over the flowers. Make sure you have your gloves and mask one when you use the silica gel. Once you are done, close the dish and put it away for a while. After a week or so see if the flowers have been dried. You can brush any excess material from the dried flowers the moment you take them out.

The desiccant Technique to prolong fresh roses
Preserved Fresh Roses

4. Baking The Flowers

Another method for preserving fresh roses requires you to bake the flowers. Of course, the technique can be a bit risky and it will demand some extent of sacrifice. Because when baking the flowers, you may see some of your petals starting to crack and lose their colors.  

Here, you can use either a microwave or an oven to dry your flowers. Make sure you bake the flowers at a very low temperature so they won’t stick to your dish. You can also try using baking paper to avoid any possible mishaps. 

Another suggestion would be to place the flowers between sterilized cloths and have one brick over and one brick under them similar to what was done in the pressing method.  

While the flowers are being baked, keep an eye on how they lose their moisture because losing sight out of the petals may lead you to ending up with a tray of burnt flowers. You can have the dried flowers in a glass frame or use them for other purposes once they are ready. 

5. Using Glycerin For Preserving Flowers

Similar to the desiccant method, you can use glycerin to preserve your flowers in a way that they get to keep their beautiful colors. If you have fresh roses and you want to preserve them by using this technique, you need to start by getting a flower vase, glycerin, and some water.

Mix two cups of water with one cup of glycerin, then insert the stems of your roses into the vase, which contains the prepared liquid. To make sure that this method gives you the desired results, go for the synthetic glycerin and not the natural one. Because the synthetic version is believed to be more powerful.

The chemicals in the synthetic glycerin will probably have a better effect by giving your flowers the needed texture and color. Our suggestion would be to use car antifreeze for better results. Since this type of glycerin is petroleum-based, it will surely lead to better outcomes.

How Long Can You Preserve Fresh Flowers?

Any types of flowers including fresh roses usually take a week before they start to wither. However, with extensive care and attention this life-span could be prolonged to two weeks. One way for you to give a longer life to your flowers would be to add sugar to their water.

Another technique would be to put them in the refrigerator. This method can be used for times when you need to buy fresh roses a day before a certain main event. By keeping the flowers in the refrigerator, it would seem as if they were recently detached from the plant. 

How to preserve fresh flowers?
To Prolong the Beauty in Fresh Roses

Besides its use to fix your hair, you can also preserve your flowers with hairspray. To use this method, you will need to spray the head of your flowers from a somewhat distant spot and not directly to avoid ruining the petals. Once you are done hang the fresh roses in an upside down position for them to lose the remaining moisture.   

If you need further information about ways to pick out flowers, surprise your loved ones, or even preserve your fresh roses don’t miss out on the chance of reading our blogs and taking a look at our shop.

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