Gift Ideas for Women

Gift Ideas for women

Gift ideas for women are sometimes really difficult to find. Are you looking for some gifting ideas? Do you think you don’t have enough experience to pick out the right present for your mother, sister, wife, or girlfriend? If you are here for some answers, then you came to the right place because this article will give you 10 gift ideas for women to choose from.  

But first, you still need to know about the likes and dislikes of the person for whom you are planning to buy a gift. You can start by knowing about their favorite colors, foods, or flowers. 

You’d be surprised to know that many women would constantly give hints about what they would want for their birthdays or other occasions but if you neglect these hints you might miss out on the chance of surprising them with what they want.

gift ideas for women
Gift box wrapped in pink paper and tulips on it

Still, there are some common interests among women when it comes to choosing a gift. So, we suggest that if you are in the search of gift ideas for women, some suggestions which you could consider are:

  1. Gift cards
  2. Books
  3. Jewelry
  4. Perfume
  5. Dates
  6. Clothes
  7. Chocolate boxes and cake
  8. Flowers
  9. Scented candles
  10. Customized gifts

To know more about how to select each of these gifts and make sure that the woman in your life will be happy to receive them, don’t miss out on the chance to go through our guide below.

10 Best Gift Ideas For Women Under 40

Every person, be it a woman or a man would love to be valued by their loved ones every once in a while and there are no better excuses than birthdays or specific dates on the calendar to appreciate the presence of certain people in your life.

Therefore, we believe we are obliged to pick out a gift, which would not only bring a smile to the face of the person receiving it but would also assure us that we are not bad at buying gifts after all. And most importantly seeing people happy will also make us happy.

As a result, to help you out on your quest of finding the perfect gift for the women in your life and give you some inspiration for your next search, we have prepared a complete list of gift ideas for women, which mentions 10 options to choose from. Hopefully, these suggestions will make the journey of buying gifts easier for you.  

man giving gift box valentines day
Man giving a gift box at a restaurant

1. Gift Cards

One of the gift ideas for women is gift cards. Giving a female the freedom to buy whatever she wants seems like a great idea for those of you, who are not sure what to get their loved ones. The money you deposit in these cards can be used for buying cosmetic products or a relaxing spa day.

If you think your mother or any female, who is going to receive the gift card, is into beauty products, try to find out the name of the brand she likes and see if they offer similar gifting services. Furthermore, you can ask their staff for some help and the amount they think would be proper to include in the card.

For selecting a gift card for a spa day, look for the women’s favorite spots and see what they can offer you in return for the given money.  

2. Books

If the women you know are bookworms and you believe nothing can make them happier than adding to their collection of books, then don’t miss out on the chance of considering book-related gift ideas for women

This suggestion could include not only books but also everything that is associated with books like bookmarks, tiny figurines of their favorite book characters, pins or pixels specially made for passionate readers, or even dates to their favorite bookstores or libraries. 

Gifting book to your woman
A man gifting a book to a woman

Other gift ideas for women concerning this theme include buying them rare book editions written by their favorite authors. If you want to make such gifts even more special you could see if you can reach out to the author and ask them to sign the book and leave a specific note on their published work. 

3. Jewelry

Receiving jewelry as a gift would please a lot of women, but there are still a few tricks in picking out the right piece for your favorite people. 

When shopping for similar gifts, you need to know about the preferences of a woman. Does she like gold or silver? Is she into big pieces of jewelry or small ones? How about her favorite piece? Is she a fan of wearing something around her hands’ area or should you go for something that she’d wear around her neck? 

gifting jewelry to a woman
Gifting jewelry at a restaurant

These are all the questions you need to answer before buying these kinds of gifts. Once you have limited your options, you are ready to take the big next step, which is buying the piece. At this stage, you could consider going for a designer piece according to your budget.  

4. Perfume

Perfumes are probably among the best gift ideas for women, especially if you decide to buy some of the most elegant scents for your people. What would help you in buying perfumes is deciding the type of scent you are looking for. If you are planning on buying something intense, Crystal Noir from Versace or La Vie Est Belle by Lancôme.

Giving perfumes to women as gifts
Pink perfume bottle; Gifting perfumes to women

On the other hand, if you think feminine perfumes seem like a better option, Chance Eau Tendre from Chanel or any other option with a fresh scent and mesmerizing aroma would do the trick. The main points about selecting a perfume relate to its ability to last long and present the person seem sophisticated.

Don’t forget that for buying perfume bottles you can always count on the help of shop owners. 

5. Dates

Here’s another suggestion to include among gift ideas for women, dates! Taking a woman out to a restaurant to get her favorite food or surprising her with a trip to her favorite spot is a great idea.  

Going on a shopping date, where you give them the freedom to buy anything they want or going to the movies, visiting their favorite galleries, and taking them on library dates to buy their favorite books are all some of the few ideas for you to consider for a day out.

6. Clothes

Gift ideas for women could include clothes, but what would be the perfect piece to gift a woman? Surely, nobody would say no to designer clothes, so if you care about the quality of your gift, pay attention to the brand of the clothes and choose people’s favorites. 

Usually, a dress with nice patterns or a beautiful design made for special occasions would make a woman very happy, but if they are more into casual styles look for pieces, which would feel more like themselves.     

7. Chocolate Boxes And Cake

Who said gift ideas for women could not include sweets? If you think women would be happier to get chocolate boxes or cakes for their birthdays or any other special occasion in their lives, don’t hesitate to give them what they want.  

Because the ability of sweets to increase dopamine in your blood and add to your feeling of satisfaction is surely a good reason to bake a homemade cake or buy a box of chocolates for that special someone in your life. 

8. Flowers

Who can deny the charm of flowers as gifts? Of course, you may have a few doubts about whether relying on plants is enough or not. But if you are going for a small gift and you want to add something extra to the table a bouquet is a must.

Here, try to go for red, pink, or white roses because these flowers not only have an amazing scent but also their colors are an indication of delicacy and feminine energy. And since these shades indicate love and purity, they would make a great way for confessing your affections.  

Flowers are always surprising gifts for women
Flowers; stunning gift ideas for women

9. Scented Candles

Other gift ideas for women include scented candles. Thanks to their soothing scent, this kind of gift can help a woman invite peace and relaxation into their lives. Lighting a scented candle during weekends could help you throw away all the negative thoughts from your mind and try to put your body and mind in the right mood for starting a new week.

Ending a long day of work surrounded by scented candles and a relaxing bath could be one of the best things that could be practiced by a female individual. So, remember that this suggestion could also make a great gift for a woman.

10. Customized Gifts

As for the final idea on the list, we suggest customized gifts. For this part of gifting, you will have a load of options to choose from. These could include mugs, albums, clothes, jewelry, and any other things that can be designed according to your orders. 

For customized jewelry, you can ask the jewelry maker to engrave their names or initials on the piece. As for clothes and mugs, you are free to print a kind note on the chosen gifts.  

How Do I Find A Good Gift For A Woman? 

Finding good gift ideas for women can be a bit challenging because each person has a different taste. But that doesn’t mean you will always fail in finding the perfect gift for certain female individuals. If you are looking for places where you can get advice on knowing the people around you and choosing the right gifts, don’t forget to check out our website.

Flowers, chocolates, scented candles, jewelry, and cakes are some of the things we offer to our customers and for the ones, who live in the United Arab Emirates, we have a free delivery service. So, if you need help and you don’t know where to go, remember to give Grace Gift and Flower shop a try because we promise not to disappoint you!

If you are hoping to know more about us and what we do, you can always give us a call, at +971 4 576 6398, or contact us via email.

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