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Jumeirah Bouquet

Jumeirah Bouquet

Jumeirah Bouquet consists of a pink and peach roses, which are beautifully surrounded with pink astilbe, white hypericum, and pink wax flower.

In this bouquet, colorful roses, which are one of the most popular and beautiful flowers in the world, are beautifully arranged to represent the best quality.

Definitely, ordering bouquet of Jumeirah online with its colorful roses will feature your exquisite and luxury taste in the eyes of your audience.

Wrapper Color

Black, Blush, White

Jumeirah Bouquet is suitable for:

This floral arrangement is done by Grace professional florists in a way that they can represent your most sincere messages in various moments.

You can order bouquet of Jumeirah on occasions such as birthday, wedding, engagement, proposal, graduation ceremony, thanks and appreciation, first romantic meeting, opening ceremony, the birth of a newborn baby, visiting the sick, and many more.

Roses can always create a sense of love, beauty, excitement, etc. in humans. So, the fascinating combination of flowers in this bouquet can convey your most sincere feelings to your loved ones.

Jumeirah Bouquet

Jumeirah Flower Bouquet

Along with this product, your message will be beautifully prepared and sent to your recipient for free. Convenient shopping, on-time delivery and variety in floral gifts is what Grace promises.

If you have any questions about buying flower bouquets, we will be happy to answer them. Feel free to contact us.


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