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Jumeirah Flower and Cake

Jumeirah Flower and Cake

Jumeirah Flower and Cake package contains mixed Flowers of red roses, pink roses, pink astilbe, pink wax flower, white hypericum, and Eucalyptus Cinerea. This combination is placed upon a chic cake box. The 4-portion cake is available in 2 flavors; choco-macaronade and hazelnut. Your choice!

Cake Flavors

Choco-macaronade, Hazelnuts





Jumeirah Package is suitable for

It is a special gift for beautiful days with the presence of flowers full of fresh colours. It will serve you as a wonderful gift on any occasion.

Looking for a special flower box? This package of Jumeirah Flowers and cakes in addition to its special beauty saves you from the trouble of searching to buy a cake.

You will surprise your loved ones on their special days with this special package. By ordering this fantasy box, which is a combination of beautiful flower arrangements with a high-quality cake, you have chosen the best for your loved one.

Jumeirah flower and Cake

Jumeirah flower and Cakes

Notes on Jumeirah with Cakes:

It can also be a wonderful gift for congratulation on various occasions. In addition, the use of unique flowers in this box has caused the concept of romance to take over; As a result, it is also suitable as a gift for romantic occasions such as Valentine’s Day.

By ordering Jumeirah Flower and Cakes online, you can be sure that you will receive beautiful and fresh flowers of high quality.

We always try to provide you with the best for special days such as birthdays, etc. Convenient shopping, on-time delivery and variety in the selection are all we promise you.



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