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Jumeirah Flower Box

Jumeirah Flower box is the mix of pink and peach roses is offered to you in four different box sizes. Other flowers included in this box are pink wax flower, pink astilbe, and white hypericum.

The splash of pink in this box makes it a great choice for gender reveals, where the baby is a girl, or birthdays of the women in your life.

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Jumeirah Flower Box

Jumeirah box of flower with the combination of different pink flowers in this box gives it a feminine touch, which makes a great gift for women. Are you the person who is into a mix of colors and doesn’t want to stick to one shade when buying flowers? Then, you have to give Jumeirah a try.

To match the color of the flowers included in Jumeirah Flower box, you can choose to have your box delivered in blush color, but if you want to try out a different shade black or white are two of our other choices.

Jumeirah Flower Box

Jumeirah roses in a white flower box

Know more about Jumeirah Flower Box:

People surely love to be surprised by flowers and receiving similar treatments from their loved ones would remind them that they are loved and valued by certain individuals in their lives. So, if you wish to induce such a feeling within the other person, consider giving them this mixture of flowers.

If you are visiting a friend of yours who just gave birth to a baby girl, Jumeirah would add a beautiful touch to the arrival of the newborn. What makes this bouquet so special is the scent of its flowers, which adds more beauty to the arrangement.

Notes on Jumeirah box:

For the customers, who are concerned about delivery fees, we are happy to offer a free shipping service. For further information, contact us via e-mail or telephone.



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