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Lootah Perfume Hamper 1

Lootah Perfume Hamper 1

Lootah Perfume Hamper 1 includes three lovely perfumes.

Items in Lootah Hamper 1:

  • Suave 80 ml
  • Palomino 80 ml
  • Liminous 80 ml

Are you thinking about getting a gift for a perfume-loving person? Well, look no further because Lootah (Hamper 1) offers you the chance to gift your loved ones not one but three perfumes all at once. And on top of that fresh flowers will be included too!


Black, Blush, White

About Lootah

Lootah is a perfume brand based in Middle East. By visiting lootahperfumes website you can enjoy their variety of perfumes, gift sets, incense, and fragrant ouds. To make your job easier we collaborated with Lootah to create you a gift basket that contains some of the best perfumes by this brand.

To Whom You Should Gift Lootah Hamper 1

The perfumes chosen for the Lootah Hamper 1 gift basket fit both men and women perfectly. So, if you’re thinking about buying a gift that resonates elegance and sophistication, this could be the one for you. This gift basket can be given on birthdays, anniversaries, and other occasions such as promotions.

Lootah Perfume Hamper 1

Lootah Perfum Gift Set 1 by Grace

Other Gift Baskets Similar To Lootah Hamper 1

If you’re considering to include incense besides your perfumes, we suggest you go for the Lootah Perfume Hamper 2 gift basket. As for other options Light of Sakina and Rituals baskets would also make a great gift.

The Floral Arrangements In Lootah Hamper 1

The floral arrangements for each gift basket including Lootah Hamper 1 come in three boxes of different color. With each color be it blush, white, or black you get to choose the type of flowers included in your gift basket.


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