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Lootah Perfume Hamper VIP

Lootah Perfume Hamper VIP

Lootah Perfume Hamper VIP contains two bottles of perfume and a flower box from Grace.

Items in Lootah VIP-small Hamper:

  • Yoland 80 ml
  • Palomino 80 ml

When it comes to surprising our family and friends, we always look for a gift that represents our love for the person and the place they hold in our heart. So, what’s better than Lootah VIP that’s made specifically for the special people in our lives.



Black, Blush, White

To Whom You Should Gift Lootah VIP

The Yoland and Palomino perfume bottles found in Lootah VIP give it a mixture of two unique scents that are made for both men and women. This gift basket can be given on birthdays, mother’s day, father’s day, anniversaries, and Valentine’s day. If you are celebrating your marriage and love, the black box with its red flowers would make a great choice, however, for milder tones you can take a look at the blush and white box.

Lootah Perfume Hamper VIP

Lootah Perfume VIP Gift Hamper BY Grace

Gift Baskets Similar To Lootah VIP

For other fragrant gift baskets, you can look for Lootah (Blend 1) and Lootah (Blend 3). Other choices found on the Grace website are Light of Sakina gifts baskets, which contain more than just one item in the basket.

The Floral Arrangements In Lootah VIP

The flower boxes with each gift basket come in three colors of blush, black, and white. Our customers are free to choose whichever box color they want and have their flowers arranged according to that color.


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