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Mirzam Chocolate Hamper 1

Mirzam Chocolate Hamper 1

Mirzam Chocolate Hamper 1 is a tasty gift set to bring more happiness and add joy to your occasions.

Items in Mirzam Hamper 1:

  • Gift Box of 70 Dark Chocolate Dates
    50 Mixed Chocolate Mini Bites


If you are thinking about getting gift baskets for the sweet tooth people in your life, especially, the ones, who are always in the mood to eat chocolate, Mirzam Hamper 1 would surely be a great choice for special occasions.

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Black, Blush, White

To Whom You Should Gift Mirzam Hamper 1

The Mirzam Hamper 1 contains several options of chocolate-covered sweets. So, if you are planning on giving your loved ones something that tastes both sweet and sour, this gift basket would be perfect. Mirzam Hamper 1 is a great choice for Valentine’s day, mother’s day, and father’s day.

Mirzam Chocolate Hamper 1

Mirzam Chocolate Gift Set 1

About Mirzam

Mirzam is a chocolate making brand, which specializes in creating chocolate covered sweets and nuts. To turn your celebrations into memorable events, Grace has collaborated with Mirzam to offer you a unique gift-giving experience.

Other Gift Baskets Similar To Mirzam 1

Besides Mirzam Hamper 1 you can look for other Mirzam gift baskets including Mirzam 2 and Mirzam 3. You can also see if our collection of Not Just Dessert gift baskets is what you’re looking for in case Mirzam 1, 2, and 3 are not the ones for you.

Floral Arrangements Included In Mirzam 1

The floral arrangements included in these gift baskets, which are designed by Grace, can be chosen according to the occasion and your color preference. The boxes are found in the colors of blush, black, and white with three different floral arrangements.


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