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Mirzam Chocolate Hamper 3

Mirzam Chocolate Hamper 3

Mirzam Chocolate Hamper 3 includes variety of chocolates, which can be gifted on celebratory events. If you are planning on getting boxes of sweets with different tastes, we think you’ll this gift basket.

Items in Mirzam Hamper 3:

  • 70 Dark Chocolate Dates
    Almond Covered Dark Chocolate
    Roasted Almond Covered in Seda White Chocolate
    Orange Covered in Dark Chocolate

Black, Blush, White

To Whom You Should Gift Mirzam Hamper 3

It is a great gift for people, who adore tiny and tasteful sweets. If you are considering getting similar gifts for an occasion, think how you would make your loved ones happy by gifting them Mirzam Hamper 3 on mother’s day, father’s day, Valentine’s day, or whenever you decide to pay them a visit. Don’t forget that this gift is also great for visiting a friend, who just gave birth.

Mirzam Chocolate Hamper 3

Mirzam Chocolate Gift Set 3

Gift Baskets Similar To Mirzam 3

Mirzam 3 is not the only gift basket by this chocolate making brand and Mirzam 1 and 2 are also a part of this collection. Similar options on Grace’s website are Not Just Dessert gift baskets, which can include either truffles, strawberries, and square chocolates or baklava, choco dates, and square chocolates according to your choice.

Floral Arrangements In Mirzam 3

With Grace you don’t have to worry about your floral arrangement because we give you three options to choose from. These options are decided by the color of your box which can be blush, black, or white.


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