Mixed Candy Sweets Medium Tray Hamper

Mixed Candy sweets Medium Tray Hamper gives you a look at a celebration of colors and sweets for the holiday season. This tray of yummy treats can be ordered for friends and family or be given to your co-workers especially if you want to send them home with high spirits before New Year’s celebration.

  • Hamper Items:
    Skittles 3x – 38 grams/ Maltesers – 37 g/ Yummy Gummy – 80 g/ Haribo 2x – 30 g/ M & M 3 in a box – 91.8 g/ Baida candy lollipop – 18 g/ pencil sticks canudinho – 70 g/ round lollipop – 40g/ spiral lollipop – 40 g/ mix mini chocolates- 20 g
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