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Mothers day flower is always an splendid gift to boost mom’s mood and brighten up her space on this particular date. But what are the most beautiful mother’s day flowers? Is gifting flowers appropriate on such an auspicious occasion? These questions and more will be discussed in this article. However, let’s first get to know more about mother’s day and the history of this day!

Mother’s Day is celebrated all over the world. It seems to be one of the few global issues that all cultures must dedicate one day a year to it and celebrate the title of Mother’s Day and the passing of motherhood. This day is celebrated because of the miracle of the child’s birth and the mother’s sacrifices, as well as the most special people in the world who have performed this miracle.

Mother’s Day celebrations are very diverse in the whole world, usually, the date to celebrate International Mother’s Day is “May 12” in the Gregorian calendar. This date is not for all countries, but it is an international day for mothers, and other countries have different dates that are celebrated as women’s day and mother’s day.

mothers day flower
Little girl and her mom celebrating mom’s day

What flowers are suitable for Mother’s day?

All people in the world celebrate mother’s day beautifully to show appreciation to mothers. On this day, people try to make the women around them happy with a gift and tell them how much they love them and are important to them.

There are various gifts that you can give your mother on this day. Some of them have a momentary pleasure, such as fruit, perfume or a beautiful bouquet, and others are more lasting, such as a watch, jewellery or a handmade gift that can be a reminder of a good day for years.

By buying Mothers Day flowers, you can give your mother a refreshing gift and a good memory of a good day for many years.

Mothers day Flower: Roses

Buying Mother’s Day flowers starts with roses. As a classic and always beautiful gift, a rose can show how important your mother is to you.

You can buy this flower in different sizes and colors placed in a vase, and you can rest assured that it doesn’t need a lot of watering. Roses also do not like high temperatures, so it is better to place these flower in a cooler places.

Gifting roses on mother's day
Roses on Mother’s day; Mothers day flower

Rose is better for mothers who are a little more traditional. Forget the red rose, as it is usually associated with love and similar concepts. For mom, go for a pink rose. This rose-colored expresses admiration, love and gratitude. White is also suitable because it means purity. Cream roses also say that you always remember your mother.

Mothers Day Flower: Orchids

A popular flower that you can find in different colors, sizes and shapes. Different types of orchids are easily found in all stores. Here, in Grace we may find orchids amazingly designed in our assorted flowers.

The striking appearance of this beautiful flower can make it a great gift for Mother’s Day. Orchids are known to be difficult to maintain, but if you know what this plant needs, it is not difficult to maintain it.

Orchids need a lot of indirect light and high humidity. It is better to keep this plant in a transparent pot so that the light reaches the roots of the plant. Watering this plant too much will damage it, and it should be watered when its roots are dull and gray instead of green.

Bouquet of orchids for mother's day
Pink orchids; modern and delicate gifts for mom.

If your mother loves fashion and is in tune with the trends of the day, buying an orchid with its attractive and bright colors can be a perfect gift for her. This flower is known as one of the most attractive flowers in the world and has a high variety of types and colors. It is even one of the best houseplants! If you still don’t know what color to choose, try pink. The pink orchid is a symbol of beauty, elegance, splendor and femininity.

Why is a houseplant a good choice for a Mother’s Day gift?

You might ask why you should consider a plant as a Mother’s Day gift. There are many reasons for this:

  • Plants are living things that breathe, grow, change and can bring life flow and dynamism to a living space.
  • Plants bring beauty to the home and can add beautiful colors to the environment.
  • They require little care and create a sense of responsibility, unlike artificial plants that require no care.
  • They don’t need constant care and attention like pets and all they want is water, good soil and light. Things that keep the owner busy, but not so much that they cause him permanent trouble.
  • Gifting a special plant can surprise your mother and bring her new things.
Plants for mother's day
Mother with daughter. Gifting her mom a houseplant.

Mothers Day flowers: Azaleas

This beautiful flower is one of the best gifts among Mothers Day flowers. This plant is very thirsty and needs a lot of watering, especially when it is in the flowering season. You should not let the soil of this plant dry and it is better to wet the soil from time to time until bubbles form on the soil. This will provide the moisture needed by the plant for flowering. Azalea has many colors from pink and purple to white, so you can get your mother’s desired color.

Mothers Day flowers: Kalanchoe

A fleshy succulent with evergreen leaves that has beautiful colored flowers. This plant may have a strange appearance, but it can add charm and beauty to the home environment.

This plant is the best gift for moms who are busy because this plant does not require much attention but instead gives you beautiful flowers.

Kalanchoe is very easy to care for and can repeat flowering for years and every year your mother will enjoy seeing its flowers.

Kalanchoe plant for mom's day
Flowering Kalanchoe plant in a pot on the table. Mothers day flower and plant.

This plant likes to be near a window with lots of light and avoid the strong afternoon sun because it can burn its leaves.

After the end of the flowering period, you can prune it a little and reduce the amount of watering so that the plant is ready for flowering the next spring.

The biggest problem in Kalanchoe maintenance is overwatering. Water the plant when the soil is completely dry and reduces the amount of watering in winter.

Choosing flowers and plants for Mother’s Day

There are many mothers day flowers and plants you can choose and show how much we value her by placing them in a beautiful vase. Choosing the right flower or plant for your mother is something you have to come up with because everyone has different moods, personalities and circumstances. But in general, there are some things you can pay attention to before buying:

  1. Home flowers have different sizes. Some of them are small like succulents and can live on the windowsill, and others are bigger like palms and may completely occupy the corner of a room. When buying, you should pay attention to the usable space in the house and get a plant that can be placed in that space.
  1. Some plants are very easy to care for and can live for weeks without water, making them the perfect gift for new moms. But if he is an experienced and professional person, you might want to buy him a more special plant that will challenge his gardening skills and strengthen his gardening sense.
  2. If your mother travels a lot, you should not choose a plant for her that needs constant care. You should be careful to choose a plant that does not need daily care.
  3. For moms who love to cook, choose a pot filled with edible herbs like basil, thyme, and rosemary.
  4. If your mother likes fruits or juices, she can choose a beautiful vase with eggplant, pepper or strawberry. Also, the combination of tomatoes, basil and beet leaves makes a beautiful vase.
  5. Maybe your mother is fond of decorative flowers, so buy her a vase of decorative flowers in her favorite colors.
  6. Some mothers are professional gardeners for whom you should buy perennial plants that they can keep and enjoy for years and maybe even multiply them and plant them in the garden.
  7. For those who have become mothers, you should know that they have a lot of worries and can forcefully eat a comfortable meal, let alone take care of the plant, but this does not mean that they will not be happy to receive a house plant as a gift. The best houseplants for this type of mom are plants that require very little maintenance, such as Sensoria.
  8. For mothers who have pets, you should get a plant that will not harm their pets. Some plants are extremely poisonous to pets, so you can prepare a suitable gift for them by reading the guide on poisonous and non-poisonous plants for pets.

Buying mothers day flowers online

In this article, we tried to provide you with the necessary information about the suitable mothers day flowers and even plants. If there is something left unsaid or you have a question in your mind that you need expert advice on your mother’s day flower gift, you can ask your questions through our contacting channels.

Now that you know more about choosing the right option as mothers day flower, here, in Grace Flower and Gift online shop, you may find splendid flower gifts online. Just log in, place an order, and enjoy 100% hassle-free flower delivery on mother’s day with Grace.

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