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Not Just Dessert Treats Hamper 1

Not Just Dessert Treats Hamper 1

Not Just Dessert Treats Hamper 1 is the type of gift basket by which you remind others how important is their smile to you. It’s a tasty gift of smile! By purchasing this option, you can rearrange your flower types according to your choice based on the box color.

Items in it:

  • 16pcs Strawberry Chocolates
    10pcs Assorted Truffles
    10ps Neopolitans Chocolates

Black, Blush, White

About Not Just Dessert

Not Just Dessert specializes in personalized chocolate gifts. But the best part is chocolate is not the only thing they have! You can order different types of sweets and have them delivered to you anywhere across Dubai.

This gift basket fits almost any occasion and whether it’s a small event or a big one you can always go for Not Just Dessert 1.

Not Just Dessert Treats Hamper 1

Not Just Dessert Gift Set 1

To Whom You Should Gift Not Just Dessert 1

For mother’s day and father’s day this hamper would look perfect with any of the floral arrangements. As for Valentine’s day the black box seems like a better option due to its red flowers.

For romantic dates and anniversaries, we also suggest the black box. But if you are visiting a friend or planning on surprising a co-worker it’s best to choose mild colors.

For graduation parties you are free to choose any box color to go with Not Just Dessert 1. You can even celebrate your own success by getting this gift basket for yourself.

Gift Baskets Similar To Not Just Dessert 1

Other Not Just Dessert gift baskets are Not Just Dessert 2 and Not Just Dessert 3. If you are thinking about getting similar gift baskets but from other brands don’t miss out on the chance of looking at Mirzam 1, 2, and 3.

Floral Arrangements In Not Just Dessert 1

The flowers included in each gift basket are chosen based on the color of their box. With the black box you will get an arrangement of red flowers and with blush and white you will have an array of lighter colors.


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