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Personalized Gifts, if prepared properly, can be the most thoughtful gifts for near and dear ones.

Do you ever think about getting personalized gifts for your loved ones because you want to give them something from the heart? Do you want to know how you can make your gifts more memorable and special? Good thing we are here to help you out in this matter.

First, we will tell you the top 10 ways to prepare a unique gift for the people you love, then, we will give a full guide on what are the proper personalized gifts to get for both males and females. If you are out of ideas and you seem to have hit a dead-end street in your search for a special gift, this is the article you need to read. 

Since it is important to know a few tricks before picking out the right gift, we suggest considering the number of tips that we will discuss in the next section. To know more about how it is done, keep on reading!

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10 Pro Tips To Prepare The Best Personalized Gifts

Do you want to learn the tips and tricks for preparing the best personalized gifts? If you do, we think our top 10 pro tips will help you with what you need. This list includes ways with which you can make your gifts more unique than they already are. 

This list of tips will explain how you can select the right gifts according to your relationship with the person receiving the gift, whether they are a man or a woman, and the extent of money you wish to spend for the occasion. But that’s not all because there are several other tricks that we think will come in handy.  

So, if you want to get to know these tricks and become a better person at giving personalized gifts, then consider these tips:

  1. Keeping loyal to your budget
  2. The person’s preferences
  3. The cause of the celebration
  4. The gender and age of the gift receiver
  5.  Your relationship with the person
  6. Recent trends
  7. The person’s wish list
  8. The utility of the gift
  9. Adding personal notes
  10. Plan ahead

Below, we will explain how you can stick to each of the mentioned tips and succeed in getting a special gift for the ones you care about. 

1. Keeping Loyal To Your Budget

The first thing you need to consider in buying personalized gifts is how much you are willing to spend for making a person happy. This is probably the most important point about finding the right gifts because this will not only limit your list of options but also decide the quality and the value of the gift.

2. The Person’s Preferences

Knowing about a person’s character and preferences can be a big help in choosing gifts. Try to know about every detail a person likes or dislikes about receiving gifts, their favorite color, the type of gestures they love the most, whether they like expensive things or they are more down to earth people, who rather go for simple stuff. Answering these questions will put you on the right track to selecting the aimed gift.     

3. The Cause Of The Celebration

What are you celebrating? Is it a birthday, an anniversary, or is it one of those events marked on the calendar such as mother’s day or Christmas? Each date can require a different effort on your half and knowing the cause for celebrating the person and their special day can be a great help. Because it can decide the direction you are going for. 

4. The Gender And Age Of The Gift Receiver

Who is going to receive the gift? Is it a woman or a man? Are they young or old? Gender and age can play a major role in choosing the right personalized gifts because for instance gifting a 5-year-old girl a doll and seeing her smile would not have the same effect on a grown-up woman. As for gender, we are sure that not every man would be happy about receiving feminine gifts, so be careful in selecting your gift.   

Present your handmade gift in elegant way
Woman hands give wrapped handmade present in paper with blue ribbon..

5. Your Relationship With The Person

How are you related to the person? Are they a member of your family or are they just someone you know? Defining your relationship with others and seeing whether you are close or not will decide if you should go for something special or just buy a simple thing. The closer you are to the person, the more effort and time you need to invest in choosing your personalized gifts.  

6. Recent Trends

Every season, there is a load of things that become outdated and are replaced by more trendy stuff. So, if you think the person receiving the gift cares about recent trends and keeping up with them, then get them something that’s in high demand during that time. Otherwise, go for something vintage and unique. 

7. The Person’s Wish List

It would be unfair to deny the fact that most of us have at least one thing on our wish lists that we’d love to get our hands on. Therefore, if you are thinking about getting personalized gifts for people don’t ignore their wish list because this could be one of the best ways for winning their hearts and smiles. This way you will also prove to the person that you care about their interests and likes. 

8. The Utility Of The Gift

Getting things that are useless and can only be put on a shelf to collect dust is not the best idea. So, try to put some thought into this process before taking your next step because not everyone wants to be staring at what you have gifted them. If you are looking for a useful gift see how can the chosen object help the person receiving it?  

9. Adding Personal Notes

Are you good with words? Do you think you can write a poem or a beautiful text to make the gift more unique? Do it! Because there is nothing better than putting some emotions on a paper and expressing your love for the people in your life. To make this even more special you can engrave some tiny notes on the gift if possible. 

10. Plan Ahead

Ordering personalized gifts can be a long process and if you care about impressing your loved ones make sure you pay good attention to timing. Because if you think you can find a customized gift just a day before someone’s special day, we are sorry to tell you that you are wrong. So, always remember to plan ahead for the main event.  

Personalized Gift Ideas For Him

We all want to impress our fathers, brothers, and partners with the right personalized gifts, because who wouldn’t want to see their loved ones happy? So, it’s no secret that the more we love them the more effort we will put into finding that special gift.

If you are looking for ideas to get the men in your life unique gifts, here are 5 suggestions that we think will help you choose the right one.

Customized Keychains

One suggestion would be customized keychains. Despite the small size of this gift, here, you have the freedom to ask for a very specific design that matches the style of the gift receiver. Besides having the option to engrave a note on the keychain, you can even ask for the type of metal used for customizing that accessory and have their picture printed on the metal. 

Video Games

Men surely love video games and getting them something like a personalized mousepad or anything that could boost their gamer spirit is a great idea. You can also see if you can buy them their favorite video games and try to make them unique by adding a few personal touches.


There are several accessories, which you could consider giving as personalized gifts. If you are hoping to buy an expensive gift, consider accessories such as a watch, a bracelet, or a necklace. To make these gifts special ask the shop owners if they can engrave a few notes on the accessory and add to its uniqueness. 

Another accessory to consider is sunglasses, which you can customize by engraving or printing something on its temples. Bags and belts can also be considered personalized gifts if they are tailored according to your request. The same goes for shoes. Some brands offer you the chance to add specific details to the chosen footwear.  


Buying a set of clothes especially if they are designers will surely add to the value of your personalized gifts, but how can you make them seem custom-made? Well, the easiest yet most thoughtful way to make clothes look personalized is by adding embroideries of the people’s names or initials on the wearable pieces. 


Creating a collection of your personal pictures and happy memories is probably the most special gift among them all. This will be a reminder of your love for each other and how you can always revisit your old days by going down memory lane and flipping through your albums. 

Personalized Gift Ideas For Her

Are you looking for gifts to give to the women in your life? You don’t know how to find the perfect personalized gifts? It’s alright because we have just the right suggestions to help you out. Similar to men, women also love to get accessories and clothes as gifts, but if you don’t know how to turn those objects into something special, follow the guidelines below. 


Earrings, a necklace, a ring, and a bracelet are all good options to give women as gifts but to make them more special make sure you choose a unique box, maybe a wooden one with a special note engraved on top of it. You can also ask for the pieces to be engraved. 

After diamonds, bags and shoes are probably a girl’s second best friend and it would be nice for a woman to receive personalized gifts that are specially made just for her.  


No woman would say no to getting clothes as gifts and what would be better than looking for designers, who know how to dress a woman in the right pieces? Similar to the idea of getting an embroidered piece for a man, you can also surprise women with custom-made clothes.  


If the woman receiving your gift is into art and loves hand-painted works, consider getting her a piece that besides making her happy, it will also make her notice that you have put a lot of love and consideration into this gift. Knowing about a woman’s favorite artist and her preferable style could also help you out in creating the right painting for her.  


Mugs and T-shirts with a woman’s favorite note or a picture of her favorite people are also a good idea if she is not into expensive things and prefers things that are closer to her heart. Still, that doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t care about the quality of the gift because you sure don’t want to give your people something that won’t last long. 

Personalized Dates

You’d be surprised to know that planning out a date with flowers, chocolates, and maybe a few candles would do the trick for most women especially if they are hopeless romantics. Also, if you are a good cook and know how to make a woman’s favorite meal, don’t hesitate in planning that date. Because personalized gifts shouldn’t always be about the gift itself but enjoying your time as well. 

Now that you know the tricks and tips to win people’s hearts by getting them the right personalized gifts, you are ready to make your next move, which is buying them the chosen gift. But if you still have some doubts, Grace is here to help you out with your quest.For further information about Grace and our free delivery services in the United Arab Emirates, you can always go to our website.

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