Amber Moonlight
Amber Moonlight

Amber Moonlight

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Celebrate the allure of the season with Grace's Amber Moonlight, a sumptuous choice for luxury flowers, effortless flower delivery in Dubai, and hassle-free online flower shopping. Perfect for cozy gifting in Dubai, this vibrant arrangement includes:

  • 3 Sunflowers: A radiant symbol of happiness and vitality
  • 2 Spray Rose Orange: Petite blossoms that add a pop of warm color
  • 3 Camesian: Intriguing blooms that bring depth and uniqueness
  • 3 Orange Roses: Classic elegance with a lively twist
  • 2 Cabbage Purple: Unconventional beauty in deep purple hues
  • 1 Stem of Orange Salix: A striking element to elevate the design
  • 1 Stem of Dry Limonium: A rustic touch to complement the arrangement
  • 1 Stem of Dry Eucalyptus: Fragrant and visually appealing
  • 1 Stem of Leather Fern: Textured greenery for a balanced look

The Amber Moonlight arrangement encapsulates the warmth and richness of the season, making it the ideal choice for those in search of the finest luxury flowers in Dubai.

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