Iftar Almonds Hamper
Iftar Almonds Hamper

Iftar Almonds Hamper

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Flowers: The Iftar Almonds Hamper features a charming mix of Peach and White Roses, exuding serenity and grace. Complemented by the verdant foliage of Leather Fern, Salik Sticks, and Eucalyptus, the arrangement creates a harmonious blend of colors and textures, symbolizing renewal and abundance during Ramadan.

Chocolate Almonds (250g): Adding to the delight is a generous pack of Chocolate Almonds, weighing 250 grams. These decadent treats offer a perfect balance of rich chocolate and crunchy almonds, providing a delightful contrast to the floral beauty and serving as a sweet treat for guests to enjoy during Iftar.

Size: Medium The Medium-sized Iftar Almonds Hamper includes 13 to 14 stems of Peach and White Roses, along with an array of greenery. This size is ideal for adorning the Iftar table or presenting as a thoughtful gift to friends and family during Ramadan.

Celebrate the spirit of Ramadan with the Iftar Almonds Hamper – a symbol of blessings, togetherness, and sweetness that enhances the joy of breaking fasts and sharing special moments with loved ones.

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