Iftar Delight Hamper
Iftar Delight Hamper

Iftar Delight Hamper

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Flowers: The Iftar Delight Hamper showcases the delicate beauty of Peach Roses and White Roses, symbolizing purity, gratitude, and new beginnings. Complemented by the lush greenery of Leather Fern, Salik Stick, and Eucalyptus, the arrangement exudes freshness and vitality, creating a serene ambiance.

Covet Chocolate Truffles (9Pcs): Elevating the experience is a delectable assortment of Covet Chocolate Truffles, comprising 9 pieces of indulgent delights. Crafted with premium ingredients and exquisite flavors, these truffles offer a luxurious treat for the palate, adding an extra layer of delight to the Iftar celebration.

Size: Medium Presented in a medium size, the Iftar Delight Hamper features 12 to 14 stems of Peach Roses and White Roses, artfully arranged with Leather Fern, Salik Stick, and Eucalyptus. This size is perfect for sharing moments of gratitude and reflection with loved ones during Iftar gatherings.

Celebrate the spirit of Ramadan and elevate your Iftar celebrations with the Iftar Delight Hamper – a thoughtful and indulgent gift that brings together beauty, freshness, and gourmet delight in one exquisite ensemble.

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