Leather and Oud Scented Sticks

Leather and Oud Scented Sticks

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Leather and Oud Scented Sticks to Indulge and captivate senses with rich fragrance. With notes of Leather, this high-quality and lasting aroma will transform your surroundings and fill it with the most amazing scents. The ones that everyone will just love!

Leather and Oud Scented Sticks

Are you looking for an aroma that gives the sweet and earthy scent of leather and the damp, woody, and warm fragrance of oud? If you need to add a bit of freshness to the air around you, we suggest you try this product.

These scented sticks can be used to change the air for different occasions such as birthdays, openings, and award ceremonies, especially, if they are held indoors.

Leather and Oud Scented Sticks

Scented Sticks - Leather and Oud

Leather and Oud Scented Sticks & More:

If you are using the Scented Sticks - Leather and Oud for an event and thinking about getting other items such as cakes, flowers, and balloons for the celebration, we believe you’d be happy to know that all of these options are available on our website.

Our flowers can be either ordered in a box or a vase, which would make great additions to the top of your tables. The bouquets found in our shop come in a variety of colors and types and whether you are looking for a flower arrangement of one color or you are going for a more colorful look, Grace would be more than happy to provide you with a load of diverse options.

Notes on Leather and Oud Scented Sticks:

Furthermore, if you are looking for different fragrances, we also have scented sticks of vetiver and cedar, amber and oud, and another version, which is made to put you in the relaxation mood. All of the purchases made on our website will include a free delivery service.

To know how to pick the right scented sticks for an occasion or even to change the mood at your place, you can ask our team for help. To get in touch with us you can either reach us through a phone call or via e-mail.


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