Pink Hydrangea in Vase
Pink Hydrangea in Vase

Pink Hydrangea in Vase

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Embrace the captivating beauty of pink hydrangeas intertwined with golden eucalyptus, creating a harmonious blend of delicate femininity and luxurious elegance.

Vase Size and Number of Stems

Medium – 5 Stems
Large – 7 Stems (Above Image)
Extra Large – 10 Stems

Paris Flower is suitable for

What’s the first thing that comes to your mind when you hear the word 'Paris'? For most of us Paris is known as the city of love and what’s better than seeing this feeling put into a bouquet prepared by Grace?

We also have Flower Boxes and Bouquets for the customers, who are looking for a different design.

Paris Flower & More:

For people needing cakes and balloons for their special occasion, we offer the sweets and accessories option in our shop to go with their bouquet order.

Other items found on our website are scented sticks, which can also be included in your order. Especially, if you are thinking about adding some nice fragrances to your gift.

If you are going with the flower box option, you can order the box in the blush, white, or black color. Here, the bigger the size of the box the more flowers will be added to your order.

Furthermore, you can have both your flower and cake delivered in one box if you like.

Notes on Paris Flower:

For those of you, who are looking for simpler looks than Paris, we suggest you look for Lily White, Lily Pink, Berlin, Milan, Barcelona, or Rome in our shop. All of your orders will benefit from a free delivery service once you make your purchase.

Other floral arrangements on our website include Los Angeles, New York, and Piccadilly, which present a colorful set of flowers arranged into one bouquet.

And remember that you can always get in touch with us for any help!


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