Ramadan Harmony hamper
Ramadan Harmony hamper
Ramadan Harmony hamper

Ramadan Harmony hamper

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Flowers: The Ramadan Harmony Hamper showcases a harmonious blend of Peach Roses and White Roses, symbolizing purity, peace, and blessings. Leather Fern, Salik Sticks, and Eucalyptus add depth and texture to the arrangement, creating a serene ambiance reminiscent of the tranquil Ramadan evenings.

Candles: Enhancing the atmosphere of peace and spirituality, the hamper includes a Light of Sakina candle (300ml) along with a choice of scented candle, offering the options of Oud, Amber Oud, or Saffron. These candles infuse the surroundings with warm, comforting aromas, fostering a sense of calm and reflection during the holy month.

Light of Sakina Misbaha Gold Stone: As a final touch, the Ramadan Harmony Hamper includes an Light of Sakina Misbaha Gold Stone, symbolizing prayer and meditation. This elegant addition serves as a reminder of spiritual devotion and connection during Ramadan.

Size: Large Presented in a large size, the Ramadan Harmony Hamper features a generous arrangement of 13 to 15 stems of flowers, creating a centerpiece of tranquility and elegance that is perfect for gifting or enhancing your own Ramadan celebrations.

Celebrate the spirit of Ramadan and foster a sense of harmony and peace with the Ramadan Harmony Hamper. Whether as a gift for loved ones or as a personal indulgence, this exquisite ensemble is sure to elevate the Ramadan experience with its blend of beauty, fragrance, and spirituality.

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