Vetiver and Cedar Scented Sticks
Scented Sticks

Vetiver and Cedar Scented Sticks

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Vetiver and Cedar Scented Sticks give the space a tranquil ambience with the aromatic effects of these Private Collection fragrance sticks. The aroma possesses an alluring  twist to enjoy an elegant atmosphere.

Vetiver and Cedar Scented Sticks

Are you considering getting scents that have an earthy smell similar to dry grass and have a calming effect on the person smelling them? If you are planning on buying scents with these descriptions, you would surely love these.

This can be used for different reasons and occasions including parties and ceremonies. You can also light these sticks at your workspace to relax, when you feel overwhelmed by the load of work. These scented sticks can also be used for meditation to help you get into the mood for practicing relaxation.

Vetiver and Cedar Scented Sticks

Scented Sticks - Vetiver and Cedar

Vetiver and Cedar Scented Sticks & More:

Besides Scented Sticks - Vetiver and Cedar, you can also order cakes, chocolate, bouquets, and balloons on our website. These options come in a variety of shapes and sizes, which you can choose according to your preferences. For the flowers option, we have roses, hydrangeas, lilies, and many other floral arrangements with mixed flowers that come in boxes and vases.

When ordering a flower box, you have the freedom to choose the blush, black, or white color. And as for the size of the box, there are four options to choose from. Regarding the flower vases, we have the large and extra-large size.

Notes on Vetiver and Cedar Scented Sticks:

Other scented sticks available in our shop have the smell of amber and oud, leather and oud, and there is a third option, which goes by the name relax. Don’t forget that using scented sticks can tell a lot about a person and if you are looking for unique scents, Grace scented sticks would be perfect for you!

All of the items found on our website will include a free delivery service and the best part is it doesn’t end here because we are always available to help you out with your purchase through a phone call or via e-mail.


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