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Red Roses in Box

Red Roses in Box

Red Roses in Box is the ultimate symbol of love and it is the perfect choice for anniversaries, valentine’s day, birthdays, and any other special occasion that may come to your mind.

When selecting the red roses, you have the freedom to choose the size of the box, its color, which comes in three different varieties, and the number of roses to be included in the box.

According to the size of the box the number of stems could range from 18 to 80 roses. And what’s better than a big box with lots of fragrant flowers?


Extra Large, Large, Medium, Small


Black, Blush, White

Red Roses in Box suitable for:

Do you ever want to express your love for someone by getting them a box of flowers? If you do, we think our red roses would be what you are looking for.

The colors of the boxes include black, white, and blush. And as for the size of the boxes you can choose small, medium, large, or extra-large in which we will arrange your ordered flowers.

Red Roses in Box

Red Roses in White flower box

Red Roses in Box & More:

Our Red Rose Box is only one of the several boxes, which includes roses, so if you are looking for other roses with a different color, you can take a look at our pink, white, yellow, or peach roses.

If you want your box of flowers to be accompanied by other things such as sweets and balloons, we believe you would love our suggestion of choco-macaronade and metallic peach balloons to go with your box.

Notes on Red Roses in Box:

So, if you care about showing your love for the person receiving the flowers, we recommend you to go with this option because nothing would make a loved one happier than a box filled with redolent red roses. Especially, if they were arranged with care and love by Grace!




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