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Soho Bouquet

Soho Bouquet

Soho Bouquet is an amazing mix of yellow roses, yellow Craspedia, Dry Italian Ruscus, Brunia, Dry White, and Dry Palm.

It’s always an intriguing option to order a beautiful gift of yellow flowers, which can inspire wonderful feeling in your dear ones. And for sure, Soho Bouquet is one of those great flower gifts.

As you know, every kind of flower has a meaning within itself. By knowing that, you can decide more confidently and prepare a memorable gift. In this description, we will clarify the meanings behind this bouquet more.

Wrapper Color

Black, Blush, White

Soho Flower Bouquet is suitable for:

Before anything, yellow flowers mostly represent friendship and care. These are somehow related to sunflowers, which represent warmth and intimacy. Yellow flowers mean love, truth, and respect. You can give these flowers to your loved ones and colleagues at work.

If you want to appreciate the performance of your team, a freshly made bouquet of yellow flowers is the safest option!

Soho Bouquet

Soho flower Bouquet

Bouquet of yellow Soho roses is also an appropriate option for newly married couples during their engagement or wedding anniversaries. By creatively choosing this bouquet of yellow flowers, you can remind your wife that she is the best companion you could have in your life.



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