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Wedding Flower is an important item, which cannot be taken easily, especially by brides. Choosing the perfect wedding bouquet for their special day is a big deal for women because it is one of the items that will appear in most of their pictures and for some, it will be a symbol of their wedding season. So, the color of the wedding bouquets, their scent, and the wedding flower arrangements are not something to be taken lightly. 

Finding your desired wedding bouquets can be based on your wedding theme, but you may still find it a bit challenging to arrange the flowers if you have little experience with plants. Therefore, always look for the advice of an expert in this area and see what a florist would say about this matter.Most people would go for roses on their wedding day, but you can always add a splash of color by going for the unusual kind of wedding flower arrangements, which would add uniqueness to your look. If you want to know more about flowers before making your final decision, we hope our list of the latest wedding flower trends solves a part of your dilemma.

Fabulous wedding Flower ideas
Astonishing Bridal Bouquet

Latest Wedding Flower Trends

If you care about being fashionable on your wedding day, you would surely want to go with the latest floral trends for your nuptials. However, there are a few points that need to be taken into consideration before making a move. 

For instance, if you are sticking to your budget, it would be better to look for a wedding flower, which is in the season by the time of your wedding, otherwise, you will have to pay double for flowers that are hard to find during that time of the year.  

Another piece of advice is to find flowers that would match your wedding theme. Paying attention to the color combinations of the bouquets would make your day extra special. 

A third suggestion would be to find the right combination of scents. See if you are into sharp aromas or if you would go for milder fragrances. Once you follow these few steps, you are ready to find the bouquet of your dreams. 

To help you out with finding the latest wedding flower trends, we prepared a list according to the features of the wedding bouquets. 

1. Simplicity

One of the recent trends for wedding flower arrangements is simplicity. Though some may look for a crowded bouquet, they would still look sophisticated if they chose to go for something simpler. To achieve such a look, you can use fewer colors for the flower arrangement and go for nude color tones.

Using colors such as white, cream, and light pink is a good idea but if you are hoping for darker and warmer colors, shades of light brown and orange would also work for the wedding flower. In case you are having a fall wedding these colors would be perfect for you. 

White roses and wedding bouquet
Wedding Bouquet and simplicity of white roses

2. Circular Arrangements

For those of you, who are looking for a small bouquet and don’t want the wedding flower to get in your way of moving around properly, a round design could be a good choice. In circular flower designs, the florist would arrange the chosen flowers in a way to fit your hand without causing you too much trouble.

Similar designs tend to be made out of tiny flowers, so if you are into minimal things and think the looks should be on you instead of your bouquet, then circular arrangements are perfect for you. These arrangements would also work for your bridesmaids.  

3. Pastel Colors 

If you are hoping to choose soft colors for your wedding day, pastel colors would be a great choice. This group of colors is created by mixing shades of pink, yellow, green, and blue with white. Colors such as mint green, which have a paler tone in comparison to other colors, belong to this category of shades. 

Pastel colors can add vibrancy to your wedding theme while still maintaining the elegance of your look. The beauty of these colors lies in their lively shades and the fun edge they give the wedding flower arrangements. 

4. Lively And Bold Colors

Who said you can’t go for bold colors? Because despite what others think, intense colors are back in business! Choosing flowers of different colors, especially the ones with bright tones of blue, yellow, or any other uncommon shade is quite common nowadays. If you care about serving a unique look, these colors would surely make you look exceptional. 

What makes similar choices so peculiar and yet memorable is that not many would take the risk of going for unique colors and if you want to reflect your adventurous spirit and prove that you have a brave character, don’t hesitate about going bold.  

Live and bold roses in wedding bouquet
Colorful roses in a wedding flower arrangement

5. A Combination Of Dried And Fresh Flowers

A mix of dried and fresh flowers may seem odd at first, but it is still a good choice for wedding bouquets. You’d be surprised that recently many brides have been going for this look especially if they are getting flowers with bold colors but still wish to keep a balance between colors and tone down the bright shades a bit. 

Fragrant dried flowers such as lavender could add a pleasing aroma to your wedding bouquets. Other options to consider are gypsophila, lagurus, cotton, and amaranths. The paleness in the color of these flowers and plants will tone down the brightness of color found among fresh flowers.  

6. Cascade Wedding Flower Arrangements 

Do you think small flowers are not the ones for you and you want to go for something bigger? Well, don’t worry because cascade wedding flower arrangements are the new big thing! This design will give your bouquet a waterfall-like look and it will add some extent of volume to it. 

Vines work best to achieve the cascading flower look. But what adds more to the beauty of the bouquet is your flower choice. Some of the choices that go well with vines are sunflowers and clematis. If you want to avoid using vines, then ask your flower designer to use flowers with long stems such as orchids. 

7. Monochromatic Arrangements 

If you are hoping to base your wedding theme on one color, then a monochromatic design is the one for you. In similar flower arrangements, you will be using different shades of one color for your bouquet or any other floral designs on your special day.

Consider having a pink-themed wedding with a monochromatic design. During that wedding, you will see several mixtures of the same color. This will prevent the ceremony from having a boring look by giving it a different and special design.  

8. Contrasting Colors

Do you want to base your wedding on two contrasting colors? How about black and white? Have you ever wondered if you could mix colors of different tones and warmth? If you have, we are happy to tell you that now you can. Because using opposite colors is like making a statement that you are not afraid to go bold while also keeping your look sweet. 

Using contrasting color tones like black and white or red and blue will add elegance to the wedding flower and if you are wearing a white wedding dress, it would seem as if the bouquet and dress are somehow complementing each other. 

Contrasting color in wedding bouquet
Mesmerizing Bridal Bouquet with Contrasting Colors

9. Small Blooms

Are you picking out big flowers for your wedding bouquet? Did you think about mixing them with something smaller? If you are thinking about a design with big and small flowers, don’t overrule the chance of adding tiny blooms to the bouquet. 

Small rose buds or any flowers that grow in small sizes would be a great addition to the wedding flower bouquet. Flowers such as holly, lily of the valley, and dusty millers are all some of the plants to consider adding to wedding bouquet arrangements. 

10. Folded Paper Among The Flowers  

Wedding bouquets don’t always have to be filled with flowers and if you are into adding a few touches to the design ask your florist for paper folds among the flowers. By using the art of origami, the flower designer could make you flowers out of paper to accompany your fresh flowers.  

The good thing about paper additions to the bouquet is that they can last for a long time, and if you want to preserve your bouquet similar designs could be great. 

What Is the Most Popular Wedding Flower? 

Now that you have decided on your wedding flower arrangement, you are ready to choose the flowers to include in your bouquet. If you want to choose popular flowers, the most common options are,

  1. Roses
  2. Tulips
  3. Orchids
  4. Calla lily
  5. And gardenia

Finding the perfect flower arrangements is not an easy task and you can’t know what you want without gaining a little knowledge around this area, therefore, we listed all the possible trending floral arrangements to make your journey easier. We hope this list answers any possible questions you have about wedding bouquets. To know more about floral designs you can count on Grace to be your guide. Our floral services are made for people residing in the United Arab Emirates, who are in search of quality. Want to get to know us better? Check out our website or contact us via email.

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