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White Roses in Box

White Roses in Box

White Roses in Box, not only is the symbol of purity, but it also represents ‘fresh start’. There is nothing better at expressing purity than the white color, is it not?

To those of you, who care about the color and size of the box for the white roses, we offer you the option of picking four different sizes that come in three different colors.

As for the number of stems, you can decide the number of roses based on the size of the box.


Extra Large, Large, Medium, Small


Black, Blush, White

White Roses in Box is suitable for:

This box would make the perfect gift for the celebration of a success after a long journey of hard work especially during graduations. It would also be a good idea to gift your family or friends, white roses on special occasions to cheer them up.

While celebrating the start of new adventures, it would be nice to gift it to people who are going through a rough break up.

Because the end of one relationship does not have to mean a bad thing and giving your loved ones the white  roses would indicate that they are given another chance to start over and celebrate this new clean slate in their lives.

White Roses in Box

White Roses in white flower box | XL

White Roses Box & More:

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