16 Long Lasting Flowers

Growing a flower garden is a great way to add beauty and fragrance to any landscape. However, it's even more rewarding when those gorgeous blooms can be used indoors as cut flowers.
Choose long lasting flowers once cut and placed in a vase to get the most value. We've rounded up some of the best long lasting flowers to extend your enjoyment of fresh flowers for up to two weeks or more after cutting.

Long Lasting Flowers

Here are 16 gorgeous flowers that last a long time:



Peonies produce lush, full blooms on bushes with attractive green foliage

Size  Most grow 2 to 4 feet tall and wide depending on the variety
Bloom Time Late spring to early summer
Vase Life 5 to 10 days as cut flowers
Recommended Growing Conditions Full sun, Well-draining soil

With their heady fragrance and beautiful "flower within a flower" bloom, peonies are always a stunning addition to bouquets and centerpieces. Choose varieties in shades of white, pink, coral, and red.



Orchids also make excellent cut flowers, with their elegant blooms lasting 3 to 6 weeks or longer in a vase.

Size  1 to 3 feet tall, 6 to 12 inches wide
Bloom Time early spring
Vase Life 3 to 6
Recommended Growing Conditions Partial shade, well-drained mix

These tropical beauties come in diverse colors and sizes. Though not cold-hardy, they thrive as houseplants or in gardens in frost-free climates.



A garden classic, lilies produce elegant blooms in various colors atop tall stems lined with long, narrow leaves.

Size Grow from 2 to 6 feet tall
Bloom Time Mid to late summer
Vase Life 7 to 14 days
Recommended Growing Conditions Full sun to part shade, Moist, well-draining soil 

Some lily varieties emit a lovely fragrance as well. Grow Asiatic, Oriental, and trumpet lilies for cut flowers.

Warning: Lilies are toxic to cats, so keep them far from cats if you have them as cut flowers.

how long do peace lily flowers last?

A peace lily can bloom freely throughout the year if cared for properly and kept in good condition. They have long-lasting white blooms that last up to a month.



Another long lasting flower is carnations. These easy-to-grow annual carnations are available in several sizes with frilly, full blooms.

Size  Grow 1 to 3 feet tall
Bloom Time Spring to fall
Vase Life 14+ days
Recommended Growing Conditions Full sun, well-draining soil

Carnations add wonderful texture and scent to arrangements. Choose mixed-color packs so you can create colorful displays.


A deciduous shrub grown for its large, showy flower heads, hydrangea offers long lasting flowers.


Size Depends on the type, Most grow 3 to 6 feet tall with a spread of 3 to 5 feet wide 
Bloom Time  Summer into fall
Vase Life 7 to 10 days
Recommended Growing Conditions Morning sun, afternoon shade, Moist, well-draining soil  

Opt for mophead and lacecap types, which work well as cut flowers.



Aromatic lavender offers pretty purple blooms on silver-hued plants. They are one of the long lasting flowers, lasting for almost a week.

Size  Grow 1.5 to 3 feet tall
Bloom Time early in spring or midsummer depending on the type
Vase Life 5 days
Recommended Growing Conditions Full sun, Well-draining soil


Use fresh or dried lavender blooms in arrangements. The flower spikes look stunning paired with roses or daisies.

Baby's Breath


Wispy baby's breath has tiny white blooms perfect for adding airy fullness to designs.

Size 1 to 3 feet tall
 Bloom Time spring to fall
Vase Life 7 to 10 days
Recommended Growing Conditions Full sun, Moist, well-draining soil 

A versatile filler flower, it complements both traditional and modern bouquets. It also dries well for longer-lasting winter arrangements.



These familiar fall garden flowers have bountiful blooms great for cutting.

Size  Grow 1.5 to 3 feet tall
Bloom Time Fall 
Vase Life Up tp 3 weeks
Recommended Growing Conditions Full sun, Moist, well-draining soil 

Standard "mums" offer big, beautiful daisy-like flowers that add bold color for autumn. Pom pom varieties have cute little button-like blooms.

Upright Sedum

A deer and rabbit-resistant perennial, upright sedum delivers dense flower heads that make long-lasting cuts.


Size  Grow 1 to 2 feet tall
Bloom Time Early summer into fall
Vase Life 14+ days  
Recommended Growing Conditions Full sun, Well-draining soil

Though succulent, even without water, sedum flowers hold up well in bouquets and arrangements. Purple varieties are especially striking.


Wispy blue or purple spikes bloom abundantly on this tough, easy-to-grow perennial.


Size 1 to 2 feet tall and wide
Bloom Time Late spring to fall
Vase Life 7 to 10 days
Recommended Growing Conditions Full sun, Well-draining soil

The small hooded flowers look darling paired with roses, daisies, or any larger bloom. Catmint mixes effortlessly with most other cuts.


Available as annuals and perennials, salvias yield tall spikes lined with tubular flowers.

Size Grow 1 to 5 feet tall
Bloom Time Summer to fall
Vase Life 7 to 14 days 
Recommended Growing Conditions Full sun, Well-draining soil

These beauties attract hummingbirds and come in eye-catching red, purple, pink, and white shades. They combine nicely with solidago and black-eyed Susans.


A favorite for butterfly gardens, zinnias produce abundant daisy-like blooms perfect for cutting.

Size  Grow 1 to 2 feet, depending on the variety
Bloom Time Summer to fall first frost
Vase Life 7 to 12 days
Recommended Growing Conditions Full sun, Well-draining soil

The colorful flowers are available in every shade except blue and add cheer to any arrangement. Mix colors for a bright, joyful display.



Showy coneflower displays large daisy-like blooms with brown centers.

Bloom Time
Vase Life
Recommended Growing Conditions


Purple is the most familiar color, but yellow, white, pink, and red varieties are also available. Use en masse or mix with black-eyed Susans and other daisies.


Also known as everlasting, strawflower blooms can be displayed fresh or dried.

Size Up to 30 inches tall
Bloom Time Early summer to fall
Vase Life 7 to 10 days
Recommended Growing Conditions Full sun, Well-drained soil

The papery daisy-like flowers are produced abundantly in red, pink, orange, yellow, and white shades. They're beautiful in boho-style arrangements.



A star of the late summer garden, dinner plate dahlias produce spectacular blooms up to 8 inches across.

Size Grow from 15 inches to 6 feet tal
 Bloom Time Mid-summer until frost
Vase Life 5 to 7 days
Recommended Growing Conditions Full sun, Rich, well-draining soil

Though not the longest lasting once cut, dahlias are always showstoppers in arrangements; hence, they're worth enjoying even for just a few days indoors. Protect the tubers over winter in cold climates.



Allium offers big, round flower heads that look like purple fireworks.

Size Grow to 4 feet tall
Bloom Time  Late spring through early summer
Vase Life 10 days to 3 weeks
Recommended Growing Conditions Full sun, Well-draining soil

Also called ornamental onion, allium provides great vertical interest and movement to designs. Pair it with dahlias, peonies, iris, and other late spring/early summer blooms.

Tips To Make Cut Flowers Last Longer

Follow these simple tips to extend the vase life of your cut flower arrangements:

  • Use Clean Vases: Wash vases thoroughly before placing flowers to remove bacteria that cause premature wilting.
  • Use Sharp Blades When Cutting Stems: Using a sharp knife or pruner creates a clean cut that allows maximum water uptake.
  • Cut Stems On An Angle: This exposes more surface area to absorb water than a straight cut.
  • Strip Leaves: Leaves left underwater promote bacterial growth. Strip foliage that would sit at the water level.
  • Use Floral Preservative: Add the prepackaged powder or liquid nutrients containing sugars and inhibiting bacteria to the water.
  • Display Out Of Direct Sun: The heat and light accelerate water loss and fading. Ideal room temps are 60-72° F.
  • Top Off Water Daily: Check water levels and add water as needed, recutting stems every 2-3 days.
  • Wrap In Newspaper When Transporting: Prevents bruising and keeps stems hydrated for the trip from the florist or garden.
  • Group Similar Flowers Together: Flowers have different water needs, so displaying them together helps extend individual Vase Life.

Follow these care tips and change the water routinely to maximize days of enjoyment from your floral arrangements!

Final Words; Long Lasting Flowers

Choosing flowers that last a week or more once cut for arrangements allows you to enjoy their beauty much longer. When planning your cutting garden, choose a few long-lasting varieties, like carnations, peonies, dahlias, lilies, lavender, and strawflowers.
You can order most of these long lasting flowers from Grace in a bouquet, vase, box, or bundle form, which will be delivered anywhere in the UAE.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Long Do Flowers Last Without Water?
How long cut flowers last without water depends greatly on the type of bloom and its native environment. Flowers that thrive in hot, dry areas, like sedum, lavender, and catmint, may last 5 days or longer out of water. More delicate flowers like tulips, sweet peas, and hydrangeas may only be unwatered one or two days before wilting.
How Long Do Orchid Flowers Last?
Orchid blooms are surprisingly long-lived, lasting about 6 to 8 weeks or longer indoors. Each flower spike may display blooms continuously for a few months. Remove spent flowers promptly to encourage reblooming. With proper care, orchids may bloom several times per year.
Can Flowers Last In A Car?
Leaving cut flowers in a hot car usually drastically shortens their vase life. However, short-term exposure to heat won't necessarily ruin them. Wrap the stems in wet towels to maximize Vase Life and place them in a cooler or insulated bag. Let them in water as soon as possible. Avoid leaving them in a hot, locked car for over 30 minutes.
What Flowers Last The Longest?
Some of the longest-lasting cut flowers include peonies, orchids, lilies, carnations, hydrangeas, zinnias, lavender, baby's breath, and chrysanthemums. A properly maintained vase can provide beauty over two weeks or more.


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