Looking After Forever Roses

isn't it lovely to receive a gorgeous bouquet of roses as a gift? While fresh roses eventually wilt, forever roses let you cherish their beauty for years. These preserved beauties undergo a special process to preserve their natural beauty and soft, supple feel for up to three years.

While forever roses don't need regular care like fresh-cut flowers, you still have to take care of them to keep their vibrant color and delicate petals over time. Here's everything you need to know about proper forever roses maintenance.

What are Forever Roses?

As the name suggests, Forever roses are real roses preserved to last for years. The roses are harvested in their prime blooming stage when they are most vibrant in color and have a lovely, fully open form. Their stems are then cut, and the roses quickly undergo a natural preservation process.

The preservation process allows the flowers to retain fresh beauty without requiring water or sunlight.

It begins by fully dehydrating the roses to remove all moisture. They are then immersed in a specialized solution featuring glycerin, a natural emollient that keeps the roses hydrated. The glycerin gets into the plant's vascular system, replacing the rose's sap and helping it maintain its shape. Finally, the preserved roses are dyed in various colors using plant-based pigments.

This careful multi-step process results in a natural rose that looks and feels as lovely as the day it was harvested.


A Brief History

Preserved flower technology dates back to the Victorian era when methods were developed to preserve flowers for ornamental purposes and sentimental keepsakes, such as memorial wreaths. However, early preservation techniques often made flowers stiff and fragile.

It wasn't until the late 1970s that the process was perfected for maintaining soft, natural-looking blooms by husband and wife entrepreneurs Paul and Jeanette Lambert.

The Lamberts experimented extensively with various solutions and concentrations to find the right balance to prevent flowers from becoming too dry, brittle, or overly saturated. Once they had finalized the process, their company, LJ Flower Essences, introduced silk and preserved roses that revolutionized the industry.

Since then, perpetual flower preservation and coloring methods have continued to advance. Today's leading forever rose growers and preservers invest heavily in research, so roses maintain their lovely, fresh-picked forms for many years post-harvest.

Advancements in eco-friendly, non-toxic solutions have also enhanced preservation quality while reducing environmental impact.

How Long Do Forever Roses Last?

With proper care, forever roses can last one to three years on average—however, many last even longer than the typical three-year benchmark. Forever rose preservation methods have improved progressively, with the flowers lasting incrementally longer over recent years. If given the right care and display conditions, some forever rose arrangements today may continue looking perfect for four or five years.

Forever Roses Vs Dried Roses: Key Differences

Both forever roses and dried roses start as real, fresh roses. They are made to last longer than normal roses that only live for 7-10 days. Forever roses and dried roses can both last one to three years. But they are prepared differently.

Forever roses go through a preservation process. Their moisture gets replaced with a glycerin solution. This keeps them looking and feeling like fresh roses. The color and soft feel stay the same. They look like they were just cut!

Dried roses have their moisture removed by hanging upside down, using silica gel, freeze drying, or the microwave. This makes them dry up instead of rotting. But it also makes them lose some color and get more brittle. They don't feel as soft and smooth as forever roses.
Other Differences:

  • Forever roses keep more vivid color instead of fading
  • Dried roses are more delicate and prone to breaking
  • Forever roses cost more because of the solution process
  • Drying roses at home is simpler and cheaper


How To Care For Forever Roses

To take good care of forever roses, you need to protect them from things that can damage their perfectly preserved state. Here are forever rose maintenance tips to keep your roses thriving for years:

Keep Forever Roses Indoors

When kept indoors, forever roses last a long time. Outdoors, they are susceptible to temperature swings, humidity, strong winds, dirt and dust, rains, and other harsh weather that could damage their delicate petals and stems. Indoors provide a more stable atmosphere away from the harmful elements.

Choose The Right Spot

Where you place forever roses inside your home matters. They do best in rooms with average room temperature away from heat, AC vents, and fireplaces that produce temperature extremes that could wear them out. Avoid positioning forever roses anywhere in direct sunlight as ultraviolet rays can fade colors over time. Keep them away from humid environments like bathrooms that are humid. Places like living rooms, bedrooms, and office spaces make great places to keep forever roses.

Don't Water

You shouldn't water forever roses. As the preservation solution has replaced the original water content, adding water can cause structural damage and mold growth. The sealed packaging also protects them from moisture damage, so don't open them. Simply keep roses forever as they are in their original containers.

Avoid Harsh Lighting

The bright, hot lights found in many office settings can damage preserved roses. The heat and intensity of the lights can dry out and crack delicate petals. Position arrangements away from harsh overhead lighting. If displaying roses in an office, opt for low-level desk lamps instead of overhead fluorescents.

Dust Lightly

Though forever roses do not require water, light dusting every few months keeps their surfaces clean. Gently wipe with a soft, dry cloth to catch the dust. You can also use a duster with super soft bristles for delicate floral arrangements. Make sure to dust gently to avoid damaging the fragile petals and foliage.

Don't Use Direct Cleaners Or Mists

Just like watering, don't use liquid-based cleaners, sprays, or scented mists on forever roses. Cleaners and sprays may include chemicals that damage the roses. Mists also add unwanted moisture.

Handle With Care

Handle forever roses with extreme care, whether dusting, moving, or transporting arrangements. Forever roses keep their delicate nature. Petals, stems, and leaves are sensitive, and can break if handled roughly. Move or carry vases from below using both hands, touching only the vase or base for support.

Keep In Original Packaging/Display

Part of Forever Rose's artistry includes the beautiful displays they arrive in. Leading Forever Rose companies package each arrangement uniquely based on the design, from elegant boxes to carved wood chests and glass domes. Keep forever roses in their original display containers, which enhance their elegance and protect them from unwanted factors that may damage them.

Follow Manufacturer Instructions

Reputable forever rose brands include forever rose maintenance guides specific to the special preservation process they use to preserve roses forever. Since formulas differ slightly between brands, follow the manufacturer-provided guidelines to care best for your roses and ensure the longest-lasting display possible.

Forever Roses Vs. Fresh Roses Price Comparison

Forever Roses are more expensive than fresh roses. But when you consider the long term, preserved roses save money. To keep fresh roses in your home year-round, you'd have to replace them every couple of weeks at about $15-30 a pop. That tallies up to $650-780 yearly for consistent fresh roses! In contrast, a set of preserved roses—say an elegant boxed dozen—costs around $150 once. No replacements are needed, just the enjoyment of their beauty for years.


How Do Forever Roses Smell?

In the preservation process, roses lose their natural scent, so forever roses will not have any scent. There are, however, some producers who add artificial scent to the roses.

Different Kinds Of Forever Roses

Forever roses come in different types of finishing or dips, trims, packaging and colors. These are discussed briefly below.

Fully Dipped Roses

These roses are fully dipped and plated in a solution of pure silver, platinum, or 24K gold. These roses can be gifted for significant events:

  • Gold Finished Roses
  • Silver Finished Roses
  • Platinum Finished Roses

Trimmed Forever Roses

Trimmed roses have petal edges plated in silver, gold, or platinum while the rest of the rose retains its original color. Custom designs and details can be added. The stems and leaves can also be trimmed or left natural.

Crystal Beaded Roses

These custom roses take time to create, with crystals adorned by hand in the desired colors and designs. They are rare, niche products and the most expensive forever roses.

Packaging Of Forever Roses

Forever roses are available in a variety of elegant packaging and arrangements beyond typical vase or bouquet wrapping:

  • Single Stems: Individual preserved rose stems make simple yet meaningful gifts. They can be displayed in vases or boxes.
  • Boxes: Roses come beautifully packaged in acrylic, glass, or wood boxes in aesthetic shapes like cubes, hat boxes, or jewelry-style chests. Boxes may have open or closed displays.
  • Glass Domes: Secure bouquet arrangements under glass domes resembling snow globes. The airtight seal prevents dust and improves longevity.
  • Bouquets: Classic rose bouquet arrangements are available with multiple preserved rose blooms and greens.
  • Arrangements: Forever roses also come arranged as romantically-themed gifts, like with jewelry or candles, or as home accents like wreaths.

Size Of Forever Rose Arrangements

Forever roses range from single stems to lavish arrangements with dozens of blooms. More roses often means a higher price point.

Colors Of Forever Roses

Forever roses also come in classic colors like red, pink, and white and exotic shades like blue or black.

Are There Other Types Of Preserved Flowers?

In addition to Forever Roses, other popular flower varieties can be preserved in the same way, such as:

  • Hydrangeas
  • Orchids
  • Peonies
  • Calla Lilies

And so on.

Forever Roses For Different Occasions

Beyond their natural elegance, forever roses carry deeper symbolic meaning perfect for celebrating special occasions:

Expressing Love And Romance

Red forever roses reflect classic romance and passion. Gifting forever roses is a great way to celebrate anniversaries and strengthen lifelong bonds.
Every color of forever roses conveys loyalty and appreciation.

Honoring Friendship

Yellow forever roses can highlight the unbreakable bond between best friends. They demonstrate that they both value the lifelong
relationship regardless of distance or time.

Celebrating Milestones

Major milestones deserve timeless keepsakes, making forever roses ideal for important occasions like graduations, retirement parties, and big promotions at work. Recipients can display preserved roses through every future chapter as a reminder of important achievements.

Unique Home Decor Accents

Beyond gifting, forever roses, simply as home or office decor elements, bring timeless beauty into any space or architectural style, from modern to traditional. Their versatility suits most tastes, too.

Final Words; Looking After Forever Roses

Using cutting-edge plant-based solutions, Forever Roses extends typical two-week fresh-cut rose lifespans to over a year or longer. When forever roses are properly cared for indoors away from direct light, heat, and water, their pristine open blooms and supple petals last for years with no maintenance.

On birthdays, anniversaries, memorials, and holidays, Forever Roses make the ultimate floral gift to express enduring romance, friendship, comfort, and more.

Forever Rose Maintenance Frequently Asked Questions

How Long Do Forever Roses Last?
With proper care kept indoors away from direct light, heat, and water, forever roses typically last one to three years. However, many maintain pristine conditions even longer.
Do Forever Roses Need Sunlight And Water To Survive?
No – Forever roses do not require additional water or sunlight after the initial preservation to remain in their perfect blooming stages indefinitely.
Do Forever Roses Have A Fragrant Rose Scent?
Forever rose production methods remove the original scent, so most do not have a strong rose scent. However, some companies add artificial rose fragrances. When gifting those, confirm if the recipient prefers scented or unscented flowers.
Can You Take Preserved Roses Out Of The Box?
Forever rose producers thoughtfully design packaging for aesthetics and to protect the roses inside. Opening boxes or removing glass domes may introduce unwanted elements that accelerate deterioration. Leaving roses forever untouched in their original containers ensures ideal longevity.
Can I Compost Forever Roses Once They Expire?
Unfortunately, compost and recyclers cannot safely process roses forever once they expire due to the chemical preservatives permeating them. However, the preservation solutions are non-toxic. Dispose of flowers with regular household waste.

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