The Best Colors For Wedding Bouquets

A bride's wedding bouquet is far more than just a beautiful bouquet. When she carries it down the aisle on her big day, it becomes an integral part of her bridal ensemble, capturing the essence of her wedding theme and complementing her overall look. Choosing the right colors for wedding flowers is important for any bride-to-be.

With a rainbow of floral options, settling on the perfect color palette can feel overwhelming. How does one even begin deciding?

This article will explore trending wedding colors in different seasons and how brides can use them to create stunning bouquets. We'll also look at other classic options for colors for wedding flowers, evolving color trends over the years, and factors influencing floral choices for wedding celebrations. Read on for gorgeous ideas and suggestions for choosing the best colors for wedding flowers.

How To Choose The Best Colors For Wedding Flowers

When deciding on colors for wedding flowers, there are a few key considerations:

1. The Wedding Dresses And Theme

Coordinate or contrast with the wedding dresses. Look at the color of your wedding gown and the bridesmaids' dresses. You can select bouquet colors that are harmonious and coordinate with the outfits. Or go bold with contrasting hues that make the bouquets pop against the dresses. Both approaches can work beautifully.

2. The Season

Consider appropriate seasonal colors. Some colors reflect spring, summer, fall, or winter wonderfully. Choosing seasonally appropriate shades can reinforce your wedding theme and provide lovely symbolic meaning to your celebration.

In this article, we have listed the best seasonal flowers. Click on the link for more information: Best Seasonal Flowers For Each Month

3. Your Personality And Taste

pick colors that reflect your personality. Are you dreaming of a vibrant, tropical wedding full of energetic brights? Or a sweet, charming spring affair with romantic pastels? Do you love the glamour of rich, regal hues? Your wedding personality and preferences should shine through in the bouquet you carry.

Color Trends For Wedding Flowers In Different Seasons

When planning a wedding, your chosen season can inspire your floral color palette. Some hues perfectly capture the essence of spring, summer, fall, or winter. Here, we explore popular trending wedding flower colors for different seasons and times of year.

Spring Wedding Bouquet Color Trends

Spring is a season of fresh beginnings, new life, and romance. Pastel and vibrant colors reflect these cheerful themes beautifully.


Pink & White

A classic spring bridal bouquet combo features pink blooms and clean white flowers. The pairing encapsulates spring's sweetly feminine spirit.
Design Ideas:

  • Bouquets featuring white flowers with small pink flower accents
  • Larger displayed white blooms surrounded by abundant blush-hued flowers
  • Ombré designed bouquets transitioning from hot pink top to white bottom

Vibrant Yellow & Lime Green

Incorporate energizing shades of vivid yellow and zesty lime greens for brighter spring vibes. These fun colors reflect the bursting positivity of spring's renewal.
Creative Ideas:

  • Tight dome-shaped bouquets mixing equal parts vibrant yellow and greens
  • Loose hand-tied bouquets with trailing lime green ribbons
  • Green bouquet bases with bright yellow pops dispersed throughout

Pastel Rainbow Bouquets

For more spring variety, explore designing pastel rainbow bouquets with a spectrum of soft, Easter-egg-colored blooms in pretty lavender, peach, pistachio, and Robin's egg blue hues. The blended Easter palette feels lively yet sweetly demure.
Styling Suggestions:

  • Mix equal proportions of each color for a full rainbow
  • Create an ombré effect fading from one hue to the next
  • Anchor with neutral white and ivory blooms throughout

Emerald Green Wedding Bouquets

Vibrant emerald greens are also becoming a hot trending color in spring bridal bouquets and decor this season. Deep green is always an iconic spring shade, but enriched emerald tones feel especially on-trend, bringing an elegant punch.
Styling Ideas:

  • All-green monochromatic bridal bouquet with emerald roses
  • Emerald roses surrounded by softer green mums or hydrangeas
  • Pops of emerald shades dispersed among white blooms
  • Emerald ribbons trailing long from bouquet handles


Best Colors For Wedding Bouquets Summer

Summer's long sunny days, tropical locales, and water activities breed bright, fanciful wedding color palettes. However, elegant blue summer hues nicely balance vibrant, warm tones.

Tropical Brights Wedding Bouquets

For destination beach weddings or capturing a bright summer vibe, vivid tropical flowers make Insta-worthy statements. Think hot pink anthurium, citrus orange orchids, or fiery red Heliconia.
Design Inspiration:
bright wedding bouquet ideas:

  • Contrast sizes, including oversized "statement" flowers
  • Complement with fresh green foliage like palms or Monstera
  • Add succulents, berries, or orchids for an exotic texture
  • Trailing silk ribbons in one bright color

Ocean Blue Wedding Bouquets


Cool and refreshing oceanic blue also makes a picturesque summer wedding bouquet shade. From soft "bride blue" to deep navy, water-inspired hues provide cohesive style.
Design Tips:

  • Softer blue, like bride blue, makes a sweet bridal bouquet
  • Deep navy offers a nice contrast beside pastel blue
  • Add white roses or lilies for a bright contrast
  • Include shiny feathers, pearls, or crystals for an oceanic accent

Types Of Blue Flowers For Weddings:

  • Hydrangeas
  • Delphinium
  • Forget-me-nots
  • Bells of Ireland
  • Lisianthus
  • Carnations
  • Iris
  • Statice
  • Thistle

Sunflower Wedding Bouquets

Late summer is also the perfect time for happiness-enhancing sunflowers. Cheery yellow petals encapsulate the blazing August-September season.
Bonus sunflower bridal bouquet ideas:

  • Surround with classic white roses or lilies
  • Add sheer ribbons trailing long from stems
  • Accent with other daisies for coordinated whimsy

Sunflowers are bold enough to shine independently, so don't overcomplicate their bouquets.

Fall Wedding Bouquet Color Trends

Fall's cooling temperatures usher in burnt oranges, spicy reds, and vibrant yellows, echoing leaves changing shade. These colors help signify seasonal change. Yet muted rusts and burgundies also speak to the season's gradual darkening. Achieve styled moods using fall's depth.

Warm Autumnal Bouquets

For a traditional autumn bouquet, incorporate flowers in warm oranges, vibrant reds, and marigold yellows with neutral creams. These shades directly mimic fall foliage vibes. Crisp burgundy foliage accentuates without overly darkening.

  • Soften with foliage like ferns or eucalyptus sprigs
  • Cream roses lighten alongside darker blooms
  • Trailing wheat or woven ribbons
  • Accent with mini gourds or oak leaves

The warm color feels comforting, contrasted with fall's cooling air. Subdued blooms like peach roses better balance the look than neon yellow shades. Dark foliage nicely grounds tones.

Halloween Black Bouquets

For Halloween, add raven black blooms into arrangements with autumnal flowers. Black effectively symbolizes darkness creeping in. Bold textures like black bat orchids or lacquered surfaces make the display impressive.
Creative Guidance:

  • Anchor black with orange roses or red ranunculus
  • Embrace textures like wispy pampas grass
  • Accent with miniature pumpkins or gourds
  • Encourage a playful personality with this color mix

Best Colors For Wedding Bouquets Winter


Winter White Wedding Bouquets

Crisp white encapsulates the wonder of winter's snow. Creating an all-white bouquet is easier with winter's wealth of options. Accent with silver or gold for luxury.
Expert Tips:

  • Focal flowers like white hydrangeas become frosted focal points
  • Mixing white rose varieties provides a nuanced texture
  • Pearly accents enrich the pristine color further
  • Evergreen foliage breaks up starkness

Burgundy Winter Wedding Bouquets

Wintery burgundy shades also thrive as accent colors beside crisp white in seasonal bridal bouquets. Deep red wines beautifully convey winter's enrichment while contrasting lighter surrounding blooms.
Design Inspiration:

  • Primarily white bouquets with sporadic burgundy blooms
  • Ombré designed bouquets fading white to burgundy
  • Mini burgundy blooms encircling large focal whites
  • Matching burgundy bridesmaid dresses beside white bridal gown

Christmas Wedding Bouquets

Speaking of Christmas, themed winter weddings allow embracing customary holiday colors and motifs. Designing a festive poinsettia bouquet is easier than it seems. Focal natural touches connote everlasting celebration amidst colder months.

  • Incorporate holiday greenery like festive fir, pine, or holly sprigs
  • Choose a red, green, and white color scheme
  • Accent with gold or silver holiday embellishments
  • Attach small ornament charms to bouquet handles
  • Embrace sparkling linens on reception tables

Other Best Wedding Colors

Beyond the seasonal inspiration, brides looking for classic or alternative wedding colors have numerous options for styling their bouquets. Here are some additional best colors for wedding flowers:

  • Classic Red: Red roses and carnations capture timeless romance. They pop brightly against white dresses and most bouquet shades (except red or hot pink bouquets).
  • Elegant Purple: Rich purple or lavender blooms bring royal flair. Pair with whites for contrast or dégradé with softer mauves. These colors complement most themes.
  • Neutrals & Creams: Soft beige, whites, and creams offer flexibility to blend with bolder bloom colors. Keep bouquets all neutral for vintage charm or minimalism.
  • 11
  • Rich Chocolate Browns: Deep chocolate cosmos, burgundy dahlias, or foliage make rich fall bouquets, especially when styled with orange. Browns add warm depth more broadly, too.
  • Vintage Blush: Dusty mauves, antique roses, and blush pink shades bring back old-world wedding charm. Style with creams and whites for extra romance.

Evolving Wedding Flower Trends 2023

While seasonal color trends provide yearly inspiration on wedding bouquet hues, color preferences for bridal flowers have evolved more broadly over time. Here are some key changes:

  • Past Focus on Whites: Traditionally, nearly all wedding bouquets were white or ivory-based. White roses, lilies, tulips, and orchids dominated. This symbolized purity and innocence.
  • 12
  • Shift to Blush Tones: Blush pinks, mauves, and antique rose shades emerged as more popular alternatives to stark white. While still neutral, they offered soft romance.
  • Bold Unique Colors: In the 2000s, some brides became more experimental, carrying purple, blue, or even black bouquets down the aisle. This showed increasing self-expression.
  • Organic Textures: Focus also grew on incorporating mixed flowers, exotic blooms, foliage, and greenery over strict roses-only bridal bouquets. Natural, organic textures gained preference.

Factors Influencing the Selection of Themes or Flower Colors for Weddings


When couples choose colors and flowers for their wedding celebrations, certain influences commonly shape these decisions:

  • Wedding Dress Color: The bride's gown color often dictates what bouquet shades will coordinate best.
  • Venue & Season Setting: Where and when weddings take place can inform color choices, too. For example, beach locales may prompt tropical flowers or ocean blue and sand tones.
  • 13
  • Overall Wedding Theme: Having a well-defined wedding theme also guides decisions. Rustic country weddings inspire wildflower bouquets. Vintage themes encourage soft roses, lavender, or antique varieties.
  • Flower Availability & Budget: What blooms can be sourced or fit couples' budgets influence outcomes. Out-of-season flowers cost more. Expensive orchids may be replaced with available carnations. Supply chain issues continue impacting accessibility.
  • Inherent Symbolism: Shared cultural meanings of flowers also subtly steer selections. Red roses represent passion, purple symbolizes royalty, and lilies convey purity. While color symbolism matters most, flower meanings contribute nuance.

Final Words

Finding the perfect colors for wedding flowers is an exciting journey of self-discovery and creativity. When you carry that glorious bunch of blooms on your special day, you want to feel the colors completely radiate your essence and wedding style.

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