UAE Mother's Day

Across cultures and continents, motherhood is cherished as the nurturing force that sustains families and societies. In the United Arab Emirates' multinational mosaic, Mother's Day holds special significance, with various celebrations honoring maternal bonds throughout the year. From adopted traditions to national tributes, these joyous occasions allow UAE residents to show gratitude towards the leading ladies and mother figures.

When Is Mother's Day In Uae?

Mothers are celebrated worldwide, and in the UAE, there are many special days to show love to moms. With many nationalities living in the Emirates, people follow various Mother's Day traditions.

  • On March 8, International Women's Day recognizes amazing women who set an example for others. While not just for moms, it's a chance to think of inspirational ladies in your life, many of whom may be mothers.
  • March 19 is Mothering Sunday, originally from the UK and Ireland. This old custom falls on the fourth Sunday of Lent, so the exact date changes yearly. Many British and Irish families in the UAE still celebrate Mothering Sunday.
  • The biggest Mother's Day event in the UAE and Arab countries is on March 21. Many deals, activities, and advertisements center around March 21 (the date of Mother's Day in UAE) to pamper hardworking moms.

When is Mother's Day in 2023?

Many countries celebrate International Mother's Day on the second Sunday of May – May 14 this year. With many nationalities calling the UAE home, this global celebration also sees residents treating mothers and mother figures in their community.

So, in the UAE, the spring months have many chances to give moms a well-deserved thank you. UAE's Mother's Day celebration is about showing love and appreciation, from flowers to gifts to quality time.

Mother's Day date in years to come:

Year Date  Day
Mother's Day in 2024 12th May Sunday
Mother's Day in 2025 11th May Sunday
Mother's Day in 2026 10th May Sunday
Mother's Day in 2027 9th May Sunday
Mother's Day in 2028 14th May Sunday


The Origins of Mother's Day in UAE

March 21st was established as Arabic Mother's Day in 1956 due to the efforts of Egyptian journalist Mostafa Amin. After highlighting ancient and modern motherhood traditions in his popular book "Smiling America," he campaigned successfully to have Egypt declare a national Mother's Day, which many other Arab states then also adopted to align this cultural celebration across the Middle East. The date fits with spring, representing the renewal of society through cherishing maternal bonds.

Mother's Day In Other Cultures

Many cultures celebrate moms, but they do it differently based on traditions.
Some Mother's Day customs are very ancient, referring to old civilizations worshiping mother goddesses. Later, these pagan rituals became Christian holidays for the Virgin Mary as Jesus' mom in Europe.

In 1914, the USA made Mother's Day an official holiday on the second Sunday in May thanks to Anna Jarvis, who campaigned for it. Then, many other countries started marking this American date, too. But some places made up their own Mother's Day celebrations on days important to them.

Like Panama, they celebrate moms on December 8 since that's a Catholic feast called the Immaculate Conception. People in Spain party on this December holiday and the international May date.

India and Japan blended old and new customs for Mother's Day. Hindus in India have a huge 10-day Durga Puja festival in October to honor Durga, the mother goddess. Japanese families after World War 2 comforted moms who lost sons by bringing them red and white carnations on Mother's Day in March.

Ethiopians celebrate the end of the rainy season with a big feast where daughters bring vegetables, sons bring meat, and they dance and sing together. Mothering Sunday in the UK has roots in church and servant families visiting mothers.

So Mother's Day has all kinds of cultural backgrounds, from ancient religions to recent wars. But no matter how it's celebrated, Mother's Day worldwide is about showing love for the mothers in our lives.

How People Celebrate UAE Mother's Day

Even though the lady who first campaigned for Mother's Day, Anna Jarvis, didn't like it becoming commercial, it's now a huge money-maker for gift companies internationally! Originally, people gave carnation flowers for the holiday, but gifts have expanded a lot these days.

Flowers are still extremely popular, though. Instead of just carnations, moms now get all sorts of bouquets with roses, tulips, lilies, and more. Mixes with different flowers together are also trendy.

Tasty cakes are another bestseller, with bakeries making specialized Mother's Day treats.


Gift baskets also allow for creative present ideas, like spa packages, teddy bears, fruit baskets, personalized mugs, and loads more.

Mother's Day celebrations in the UAE are quality family time, though busy schedules can make them trickier. Whether you take Mom out for a meal or stay home to relax, it's about bonding and showing how much she means to you.

Gifts in the Emirates tend to be glitzy – think over-the-top bouquets with 100 red roses or pink flowers if that's her favorite color. Many people also give jewelry, clothes, and small personalized trinkets as a thank-you for everything moms do.

The most important part of UAE Mother's Day is making memories with Mom and letting her know how special she is. Flowers, dinners out, or handmade cards – the thought that counts when celebrating the superstar mothers in our lives!

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Mother's Day Interesting Fact

Here are some interesting Mother's Day facts in simple bullet points:

  • Ancient Egypt may have been the first to celebrate moms as part of a Pharaonic tradition
  • In the Arab world, an Egyptian journalist helped popularize Mother's Day on March 21 in the 1940s
  • In the US, Anna Jarvis campaigned for an official Mother's Day after her activist mom died in 1908
  • It became an official US national holiday in 1914


UAE Mother's Day 2023 Activities And Gift Ideas

There are endless options for commemorating moms on Mother's Day. From dining out to pampering spa days and shopping excursions to donations in her honor, the key is making mothers feel appreciated.

  • Treat her to brunch or dinner at her favorite restaurant so she can relax without kitchen duties.
  • Gift a spa package with massages, mani-pedis, facials, and other treatments to help her unwind.
  • Go shopping together for deals and bonding time - it's a win-win!
  • Have a movie day by screening classics at home with popcorn or visit the cinema for a film.
  • Give gift cards so she can pick anything her heart desires - maybe some new clothes!
  • Donate to a charity in her name to reflect her caring spirit and help the community.
  • Shower her with flower arrangements in her favorite blooms and colors.
  • Offer kindness like cooking meals, running errands, and generally letting mom put her feet up for a day!

Whether an extravagant bouquet, home-cooked breakfast, or simply helping out around the house, it's all about celebrating mom.



Mother's Day in the UAE brings people together, transcending boundaries of nationality and culture. The diverse celebrations, whether adopted traditions or distinctly Emirati, ultimately convey universal appreciation for motherhood's sacrifices.

Through gifts symbolic of love or simple quality time, what matters most is cherishing the mothers who give so much of themselves daily. As Anna Jarvis helped establish in the US Mother's Day origins, each mother deserves honor as the irreplaceable heart of a family.

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