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    Peonies are among the most beloved flowers, prized for their lush, full blooms and sweet, airy fragrance. At Grace Flowers, we offer a fantastic selection of peony bouquets and arrangements perfect for gift-giving or special celebrations. Discover our peony product range and delivery services across the UAE.

    What are Peonies, and why are they so adored?

    Peonies are an iconic flower cherished for their lush, whole blossoms and lovely aroma. They come in different colors, like white, pink, red, yellow, and coral. Their big, lush blossoms just seem to burst with petals, having an almost dreamy, fairy tale look about them. They also have a fairly short seasonal bloom, which makes them even more precious.

    Floral Arrangements to Choose From

    We provide peonies in various stunning presentations to suit any taste or occasion.

    • Bouquets: Our peony bouquets feature gorgeous, artfully arranged peony blooms. Sizes range from small (7 stems) to extra large (20 stems).
    • Flower Boxes & Vases: Gift peony stems by themselves or in our signature flower boxes and vases. We offer glass vases and luxurious boxes to present peonies with charm.

    Things You Can Customize

    Personalize your peony product in various ways:

    • Box Color: Choose your recipient's favorite box hues
    • Size: Pick small, medium, large, or extra large bouquets/boxes
    • Personalized Message: Sweet note card with your custom happy birthday or love message

    Click any product to see specific customization options.

    Things You Can Add to Your Order
    Enhance your peonies with these popular gift add-ons:

    • Cute Teddy Bears
    • Cake Toppers
    • Candles
    • Colorful Balloons
    • Sweets & Chocolates
    • Cakes & Cupcakes
    • etc.

    Meaning Behind Peony Colors

    Each peony shade conveys special symbolism:

    Color Meaning
    Red Romance, prosperity
    Purity, healing
    Pink Femininity, prosperity
    Yellow Happiness and new beginnings
    Coral Desire, enthusiasm

    How long do Peonies last?

    With proper post-purchase care, cut peony stems in a vase will typically look lovely for 5-7 days in a vase.
    But their beauty makes every moment unique, however long they grace your home or giftee's space!
    Follow these tips to make peonies last longer:

    • Recut stems at an angle
    • change the water daily
    • Keep away from direct sunlight or heat
    • Maintain an excellent spot
    • keep cold (store in the fridge at night)
    • Consider floral preservatives to nourish in water
    • Handle gently to avoid bruising delicate blooms

    How to Order Peony Flowers Online

    Buying peonies online with Grace Flowers is simple:

    • Create an Account: Save info for faster future checkouts
    • Browse & Select: Discover our peonies and pick your favorites
    • Customize Order: Tailor flowers/add balloons, bears, chocolates, etc.
    • Checkout & Enter Details: Provide delivery address and payment info
    • We Handle the Rest!: Our team hand-arranges and delivers to their door

    Peony Flower Delivery in UAE

    We provide quick and reliable peony delivery across the Emirates:

    • 2-Hour Delivery in Dubai: Last-minute needs covered!
    • Same Day & Next Day Delivery in All UAE: Never too late to order
    • Weekend/Holiday Delivery: We deliver 7 days a week, 365 days a year
    • Cash on Delivery: Pay only upon receiving your item

    Flowers & Gifts Prices in UAE

    Peonies are on the pricier end of cut flowers. Peony prices tend to rise with demand since they have a short bloom season in spring. Their stunning blossoms also take expertise to grow and transport while avoiding damage.
    As a high-end florist, our peony bouquets range from Dhs. 349.00 for small hand bouquets to Dhs. 899.00 for extra large ones, tax included.

    Why Choose Grace for Peonies?

    Local Florist Artistry: Arrangements designed fresh daily by our talented Dubai workshops
    Hand-Picked Premium Blooms: We source only the most pristine peony stems, rigorously inspected
    White Glove Delivery: Uniform drivers gently hand-place every order; we'll even arrange bouquets in vases
    24/7 Five-Star Service: Friendly, personalized customer assistance whenever you need it
    Top Tier Delivery: Same-day delivery across the UAE and 2-hour or less delivery in Dubai
    Wide Variety: Hundreds of flower & gift options to perfectly suit your occasion

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Can I customize my peony bouquet?

    Yes! You can choose a bouquet, box/vase size, and number of stems. You can also add a personal message, accessories, sweets, and cakes to your order.

    Can I order Dubai delivery if I don't live there?

    Yes, you can order from anywhere in the world. We deliver peony flowers across the UAE; select your area at checkout.

    How can I ensure my order arrives in good condition?

    Our delivery team transports all arrangements in climate-controlled vehicles. It handles each flower gift with care from farm to doorstep.

    How do I know the peonies will be fresh?

    Our peonies are sourced directly from the world's best growers to ensure maximum freshness and quality. They're also expertly maintained by our staff while creating arrangements.