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    Not many floral gifts match a perfectly arranged flower vase for elegant beauty. Grace creates vase pieces meant to captivate the eyes, whether on dining tables, living room displays or office areas.

    With skilled craft, our vases add natural charm, turning any space into an oasis, however large or small. Transporting locations through sensory splendour is among our passions.

    Types of Flowers We Offer in a Vase

    • Roses: Timeless beauty in reds to delicate pinks, roses portray love and elegance.
    • Orchids: Few match the mystique of orchids. Vases showcase diversity from classics to magnificent varieties.
    • Hydrangeas: Lush blooms add whimsy, blooming in soft pastels to vibrant shades for a captivating display.
    • Lilies: Striking shapes and bold colours through regal Calla lilies to fragrant Stargazers, sure to impress.
    • Peonies: Beloved for ruffled lush petals and scent, peonies define luxury in vases.
    • Sunflowers: Bright and cheerful, radiating warmth to brighten any space.
    • Tulips: Sleek, elegant stems and vibrant petals for understated sophistication.
    • Plants: For greenery lovers, verdant foliage and succulents bring nature's serenity indoors.

    Vases Vs. Other Choices

    While Grace Flowers supplies bouquets, boxes and more, vase arrangements hold a special charm. Each blossom finds space to shine, given a solid, elegant pedestal.

    Vases create focal points demanding the eye, brightening surroundings through nature's balanced forms. Other styles carry beauty, yet vases amplify flowers' influence over interior landscapes.

    Their stable foundations also allow for extending arrangements' lifetimes before fading occurs. With room secured for water access, contained blooms thrive longer in vases than alternatives face outdoors.

    Things You Can Customize

    At Grace Flowers, we believe gifts show care when personalized for the recipient. Customizing comes easy.

    Need bouquets or flower boxes? Various sizes suit any budget, from petite to lavish.

    Seeking a certain box hue? Stylish black, rosy pink or crisp white await choosing.

    Browse products online - clear custom options are displayed for each arrangement.

    Do you envision something different? Contact us - our artisans realize any floral vision.

    Add-ons to Elevate Your Floral Gift

    Make each Grace Flowers gift truly unforgettable with add-ons complementing Dubai vase deliveries.

    • Teddy Bears: Adorable plush animals in various cute colours.
    • Party Pieces: Festive cake toppers, candles, and colourful balloons bring joy.
    • Sweets: Assorted chocolates and treats indulge the senses paired with nature's beauty.
    • Cakes, Cupcakes: Tasty sweets satisfy any age and fit all occasions.
    • Personal Note: A heartfelt message or card relays caring sentiments meaningfully.

    Lasting Beauty is Our Goal

    At Grace Flowers, delivering fresh flowers means ensuring arrangements stay vibrant long-term. Our master florists prep blooms for optimum longevity.

    Easy care allows many vase creations to brighten spaces for around two weeks. 

    Follow these tips to help nature's gifts flourish:

    • Place out of direct sunlight for warmth and sunlight.
    • Snip stems and refresh water routinely to prevent dehydration.
    • Discard faded blooms promptly so others may remain in prime form.
    • Note any distinct instructions provided for particular varieties.

    Seamless Online Ordering for Your Convenience

    Ordering your flower vase delivery in Dubai has never been easier. Simply follow these steps:

    1. Create an Account: Create a secure account on our website, allowing you to save delivery information and order faster next time.
    2. Browse and Select Products: Explore our exquisite collection of flower vase arrangements, and add your favourites to your cart.
    3. Customize Your Order: Personalize your selections by choosing your preferred colours, sizes, and add-ons for a unique creation.
    4. Checkout and Enter Details: Proceed to checkout, enter the recipient's delivery address, and provide your payment information securely.
    5. We Handle the Rest! Relax as our expert florists meticulously hand-arrange and deliver your extraordinary floral surprise to the recipient's doorstep.

    Delivery Options to Suit Your Needs

    Grace Flowers ensures gifts arrive promptly and conveniently through varied delivery solutions.

    • Less than 2-hour delivery: Our delivery time is under two hours across Dubai.
    • Same-Day Service: Prefer immediate gratification? Choose same-day Dubai delivery.
    • Next-Day Option: Next-Day Or plan ahead for next-day surprise scheduling.
    • Pick Time/Date: Specify exactly when presence lightens moments.
    • Weekends, Holidays Too: A dedicated team delivers any day.
    • Free Shipping: Enlisted perk for orders over 199AED locally.
    • Cash on Arrival: Pay upon receiving for added ease within UAE.

    Graceful Gifts Fit All Means

    Luxury blooms arranged in vases don't require lavish costs at Grace Flowers.

    Quality arrangements are prioritized over unnecessary extras, keeping flower gifts within reach of all Dubai receivers.

    Vase prices range from 499AED to 1699AED, ensuring you find the right splendour for each situation and budget.

    Through varying affordable options, anyone can add a natural charm or celebrate milestones without compromising the standard of craft.

    Why Choose Grace Flowers?

    Here are some reasons to choose Grace Flowers:

    Quality Always Comes First: Superior blooms form the core here. Only fresh, vibrant varietals comprise flawless creations; your arrangement is guaranteed to stand.

    Artistry Defines Our Mission: Talented floral artists spend lifetimes practising design, cultivating singular visions that rightly stun your senses.

    Service Exceeds All Expectations: Friendly staff listen and handle requests seamlessly, ensuring smooth, enjoyable experiences from start to finish.

    On-Time Delivery - Our Promise: Through efficient logistics, blooms arrive impeccably fresh when and where intended every single time.

    Environment stands as a priority: Sustainable practices source responsibly, minimizing environmental footprint with the earth's benefits in focus.