Blue Hydrangea Bouquet
Blue Hydrangea Bouquet

Blue Hydrangea Bouquet

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Blue Hydrangea Bouquet

The Blue Hydrangea bouquet features fresh, vibrant blue hydrangeas beautifully arranged with gold eucalyptus.

Bouquet of Blue Hydrangea is suitable for:

The unique and calming shade of blue hydrangea has made it very popular among hydrangea lovers. The blue color of this bouquet, more than anything, represents mercy and forgiveness. That's why, if you regret something and want to apologize, we suggest this bouquet of blue hydrangea.

Bouquet Size and Number of Stems:

Chic - 3 Stems 
Majestic – 4 Stems
Grandiose– 7 Stems (Above Image)
Monumental – 10 Stems


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