Pink Hydrangea Bouquet
Pink Hydrangea Bouquet

Pink Hydrangea Bouquet

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Hand Bouquet Size

Pink Hydrangea Bouquet

The Pink Hydrangea Bouquet mesmerized with its abundant pink hydrangeas, beautifully complemented by the elegance of gold eucalyptus, creating a stunning and enchanting floral display

Size and Number of Stems:
Medium – 4 Stems
Large – 7 Stems (Above Image)
Extra Large – 10 Stems

Bouquet of Pink Hydrangea is suitable for:

A bouquet of pink hydrangea with its bright shade, has a calming and pacifying impact. An impact that you would surely like to transfer to loved ones!

It's also a luxurious and stylish bouquet to accompany your main gift on someone's birthday. It conveys good intentions, fabulous messages of care and gratitude, and your best wishes as well.


Furthermore, this bouquet can be a unique choice to be presented upon friends' or colleagues' promotion, or to celebrate academic success.

Seize the chance and order this mesmerizing beauty to multiply the happiness in joyous moments.

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