White Roses Bouquet
White Roses Bouquet

White Roses Bouquet

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White Roses Bouquet

The White Roses Bouquet exuded timeless elegance, featuring pristine white roses, delicate spray roses, and fragrant eucalyptus, creating a stunning display of purity and grace.

Size and Number of Stems:

Small – 13 – 17 Stems (Above Image)
Medium – 25 – 30 Stems
Large – 35 – 44 Stems

White Roses Bouquet is suitable for:

White color has always been a symbol of purity, honesty and good intention, so this bouquet of white flowers can easily express your pure and honest feelings to your recipient.

This Bouquet is used for birthday, wedding and friendship anniversary, first romantic meeting, new arrival greetings, welcoming a friend, graduation party, apologizing to a friend, as well as for condoling friends and acquaintances upon the loss of a loved one.

Grace's flower arrangement team has been able to design a beautiful bouquet of white roses considering the latest floral trends in the world. By presenting this bouquet in special ceremonies and occasions, you can surely bring happier moments to near and dear ones.

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