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    Plant Delivery Dubai Bring Nature's Beauty to Your Doorstep

    We bring the outdoors inside with our plant delivery service. Tired of bland spaces? Want to celebrate an event with a living gift? Grace Flowers has you covered.

    We offer many potted plants in Dubai to brighten your home or office. Place your order now for Delivery in one day or less. 

    When to Gift Plants?

    Plants make great gifts for many occasions. Moving into a new place? Give housewarming guests a plant to brighten their new space. 

    Just had a baby? A plant is a nice way to celebrate new life. 

    Birthdays are always fun, too - green gifts spruce up anyone's day.

    Don't need an excuse, either. Sometimes, people just want to send something thoughtful. 

    Which Plants Are Suitable for Indoors?

    Not all plants thrive equally well indoors. Fortunately, our expert florists have hand-picked varieties that flourish inside with proper care. 

    Snake plants, pothos, succulents and cacti make fantastic choices for those seeking low-maintenance greenery. 

    Craving splashes of colour? Orchids, anthuriums and bromeliads deliver vibrant blooms that last for months.

    Looking to purify the air? Palms, ficus and peace lilies act as natural air filters. 

    No matter your preferences, we have indoor plant options to delight.

    How Much Care Do Indoor Plants Need?

    One major advantage of indoor plants is their relatively low care requirements compared to outdoor gardens. However, they do require some attention to thrive. Most need:

    • Proper lighting (pay attention to sun/shade needs)
    • Consistent watering (check soil dryness regularly)  
    • Occasional fertilizing 
    • Dusting of leaves to prevent clogged pores

    Things You Can Customize

    At Grace Flowers, your plant gift should reflect your unique style and personality. 

    That's why we offer loads of customization options:

    • Box Color: Go classic with black or white tones, or make a statement with blush hues
    • Size: Select compact, medium or grand sizes to suit any space

    Just click on a product to see which specific elements are customizable. The choice is yours!

    Things You Can Add to Your Order

    Why stop at just plants? Make your gift extra special by adding the following:

    • Cute Teddy Bears: Adorable plush bears in cute colours
    • Cake Toppers & Candles: Add "number candles", fun cake toppers or festive candles
    • Party Balloons: Colorful balloons in all sorts of fun shapes and sizes
    • Sweets & Chocolates: Delicious assorted chocolates in chic gift boxes
    • Cakes & Cupcakes: Tasty cakes and cupcakes for all ages
    • Personalized Message: Include a heartfelt greeting card with your own message 

    The perfect plant plus delightful extras, what could be better?

    How Long Do House Plants Stay Fresh?

    The time a houseplant sticks around depends on its kind and how well you tend to it. In general:

    • Flowers: Plants that bloom, like peace lilies or anthuriums, usually keep their flowers for 2-4 weeks with good care.
    • Cacti and succulents thrive on neglect. Many cacti and succulents can live decades inside as long as you don't overwater.
    • Foliage: Non-blooming plants like snake plants, pothos, and philodendrons stay green forever. Their leaves keep growing as long as they get proper light, water, and soil.

    Most houseplants live for 2-5 years when taken care of right. 

    How to Make House Plants Last Longer

    While every plant is different, following some general care tips can help extend the lifespan of your indoor green friends:

    • Proper Watering: Underwatering and overwatering are two main killers. Check soil moisture regularly and only water when the top 1-2 inches are dry.
    • Adequate Sunlight: Place plants in bright, indirect light unless the variety specifically requires more or less sun exposure. Rotate periodically.
    • Ideal Temperature: Most houseplants do best in the 65°F-80°F range away from drafty areas or heat vents.
    • Fertilize Sparingly: Use a balanced liquid fertilizer every 6-8 weeks in spring and summer according to product instructions. Over-fertilizing can damage roots.
    • Grooming: Gently wipe down leaves to prevent dust buildup and remove spent flowers/yellow leaves to promote new growth.
    • Repot As Needed: Repot rootbound plants every 1-2 years in fresh potting mix and a container 1-2 inches wider than before.

    How to Order Plants & Flowers Online

    1. Create an Account: Register on our site to save delivery details for next time
    2. Browse & Select Products: Explore our online plant catalogue and add favourites to your cart 
    3. Customize Your Order: Pick flower types, colours, and extras like balloons & chocolates
    4. Checkout & Enter Details: Provide the recipient's address and your payment info
    5. We Handle the Rest! Our florists hand-arrange and deliver your gift right to their door

    Delivery Options in the UAE

    No matter where in the UAE you need plants delivered, Grace Flowers has you covered:

    • 2-Hour Delivery in Dubai For those urgent "oops!" moments
    • Same Day & Next Day Delivery In all Emirates, based on order timing  
    • Scheduled Deliveries: Pick a future date/timeframe that works for you
    • Weekend & Holiday Delivery: We never take a day off!
    • Free Delivery Over AED 199 Because treating yourself shouldn't cost more
    • Cash on Delivery The convenient way to pay for local orders

    Flower & Plant Prices at Grace Flowers

    With Grace Flowers, you can choose from various plants to suit any space and budget. Our plant's prices start at 229 Dhs. and go up to 1699 Dhs. for bigger plants. 

    Why Choose Grace Flowers for Plants in Dubai?

    • Unmatched Quality & Freshness: Our temp-controlled supply chain preserves freshness from farms for you
    • Fantastic Customer Service: Knowledgeable staff providing gold-standard care and support
    • Creative Custom Design: Our talented florists lend an artistic, personal touch to every order
    • Speedy Delivery Service: Quick turnaround so you never miss an important moment
    • Transparent, Upfront Pricing: No hidden fees or nasty surprises at checkout
    • Convenient Online Ordering: Simply browse and click from anywhere, 24/7